8 Easy and Quick Ways to Fire up WordPress

It’s time to say goodbye to those frustrating tech hurdles.

WordPress is an awesome platform; but, there’s one unvarying weakness – it can be pretty slow. And no one likes to wait eternally for a site to load, so much so that 40 per cent of visitors desert a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load!

It’s easy to end up with a sluggish site without the right precautions which leads to loss of subscribers, customers, and repeat visitors.

In the long run, it translates as losing money!

Studies have derived that just a 1 second delay in loading time can cause as much as a 7 per cent loss of conversions.

For example, if your website makes just under $3,300 per day, a single, 1 second delay in loading time could cost you over $90,000 per year.

3 seconds would mean getting somewhere to a loss of $300,000 per year.

Super crazy, right?

Nonetheless, Google has included site speed into its ranking algorithm and a slow website could lead to a privation of valuable traffic. Plus, mobile traffic has been ever increasing lately and slow websites can lose out big time.

Here are 8 simple and straightforward tips to fire up your WordPress website without messing around the code or breaking the bank:

8 Quick and Easy Ways to Fire Up WordPress (2)

1) Implement a better web host

Your web host is the foundation on which you build your website.

Having no solid host equals to inconsistent delivery of good experience to your visitors. Also, it’s a mammoth task to move an entire website. Hence, it’s best to employ a web host which has a lot of power and offers migration services to save you the time and hassle of sorting through annoying tech issues. Plugins can help you migrate any website, but if that’s not your cup of tea, it’s better to let your WordPress development company take care of it.

2) Set up a CDN

Web hosts routinely face a problem wherein the load times are dependent on the proximity of the user to the server; resulting in slower load times in certain geographical settings

The key lies in setting up a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

A CDN is basically a network of servers that are strategically placed around the globe. With an apt CDN in place, it’s simper for web hosts to reduce the load time for any given website.

3) Choose a better optimized theme

Most WordPress themes are loaded with unrequired features that are plain useless; making the theme more resource intensive.

To optimize your website, many WordPress development companies furnish themes that are lightweight and simple. Overall, a clean and focused theme will help your website not only look good, but load quicker too!

4) Set up a caching plugin

WordPress serves pages dynamically, resulting in the use of PHP code to request information from your database. It then creates a HTML page for the visitors.

Well, this can be very slow; and therefore, a caching plugin can be used to save those HTML pages and serve them to your visitors when required.

For example, WP Rocket is a great tool; it’s a paid plugin, simpler to use, and can induce greater speed than the free plugins available. Also, a competent WordPress development company can comprehensively take care of the optimization and performance needs of your website.

5) Compress your images

Uploading gigantic images to WordPress simply forces it to resize them on the fly. Hence, uploading multiple images that are 5 MB each really isn’t a good idea.

It’s best to reduce the file size to the lowest point possible without changing the image quality. It’s hassle-free with Photoshop in hand, but tools like Image Optimizer provide all the benefits for compressing images online. You can also automatically do this in WordPress with the aid of WPSmush.it plugin.

6) Add LazyLoad to your images

When a visitor lands on your page, there’s no need to blast info in his face by loading everything at once; in this case, all of the images.

With LazyLoad, when a reader scrolls down, other images load one by one, right before they appear on the screen. This not only speeds up your page loads, but also helps save bandwidth by loading less data for users who don’t scroll all the way down. LazyLoad is a good option for WordPress.

7) Keep database tables up-to-date

Every now and then, your website’s database tables should be optimized for efficient working. It not only helps your database run smoothly, but also maximizes your server resources. Make use of free plugins like WP-OPTIMIZE to make this process uncomplicated and easy-peasy.

8) Disable trackbacks and pingbacks

When another website links to yours, you may notice trackback and pingback notifications. This takes up significant server resources that can be better splurged on delivering a great experience to your visitors.

You can choose to disable these by moving on to Settings > Discussions in your WordPress admin area. This tip is better left to experts at a resourceful WordPress development company who can manage your website methodically.


This quick round-up of efficient measures can speed up your pages and lead to an optimized site; bringing in happier customers. Plus, with improved page load times, Google will probably rank your website slightly higher in the search engine results.

6 Ways Google’s AMP Impacts Your Online Business


AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source program rolled out by Google in 2015 for publishers to facilitate their content and have web pages load quickly on mobile devices. AMP is aimed to effectively improve user experience and content readability, offering a mobile-friendly responsive web design.

AMP strips away all the elements that can cause the content on the web page to load slowly on mobile browsers. The web page created with AMP HTML is thus stripped down to basic text and images, making the content load around 15-85% faster as compared to the formatted content developed using other scripts.

Wondering if Google AMP is really important and would impact your online business, in any or every possible way?

6 Ways Google_s AMP Impacts Your Online Business

Let’s take a look at 6 ways Google AMP can influence your online business.


1) A Big SEO Boost

Google’s core search algorithm factors in page speed and mobile-responsive website design to determine the placement of the website’s link in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The faster your page loads on mobile, the more likely it will be seen and clicked on by Google search users, resulting in a higher ranking on SERPs.

Adding to this, now all AMP enabled articles appear in swipe able carousel format even above the paid ads in the search result as shown below. A paid placement option may also be available in the future.

G3 (1)

2) A Better User-Experience

Visitors love the fancy and creative designs on your website but they care even more about the loading speed than all the fancy motifs that adorn your website. Page loading time contributes greatly to website user’s experience.

A Kissmetrics study states that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

It’s abundantly clear to see that when one can’t wait for more than a couple of seconds for a website to load, speeding up the web page by 15-85% can only have a positive impact on user experience.

3) Increased Profits for your Business

There are umpteen marketing advantages of a website that utilizes AMP, but are there any advantages that directly contribute to sales or conversions?

Consider this, Kissmetrics, again, states that
A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

This can be a huge issue for business owners whose target customer base largely exists on a mobile platform. The faster loading speed can lead to a reduction in bounce rates and increase the probability of conversion. Since the target customer stays on the web page for a longer duration, business owners can use advertising banners and offers that require a click-through to convert a visitor into a lead or a lead into a customer, thereby contributing to generating revenue.


4) Domain Authority Suffers

One of the biggest disadvantages of using AMP-backed content is how it negatively affects domain authority. AMP ties your website to Google and not to your domain name.
For instance, let’s have a look at the screenshot below:


As you can see the URL, https://www.google.com/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/35800232#, begins with “www.google.com/amp/” and then takes on the article’s originating domain. When browsing through the article, visitors will still be on Google.com and not on the publisher’s website.

5) AMP doesn’t work for non-publisher sites

AMP only covers articles and blogs that are in long-form content and doesn’t really work for e-commerce or brand sites. An e-commerce site can find the design constraints of AMP too restrictive and will prefer to stick to traditional HTML.

6) Poorly constructed HTML pages will be found out

A blessing in disguise, really. Each and every page has to be free of errors before Google can set it up in its AMPs caches. Business owners and publishers need to spend ample time and money to further debug every web page.


To summarize, considering the cons above, if your website deals in the long form content and you want to stay ahead of the curve, in sync with the emerging trend that is, mobile-optimized content, then you are an ideal candidate for the AMP overhaul.

If you want to move into AMP, make sure your website is developed right from the start.Contact Potenza Global Solutions for Responsive Website Development today.

Top 4 Ways To Convert WordPress Theme Based Website Into Multilingual

The digital presence of the businesses increases their penetration into the market and enhance the customer base. But, in the world, several countries come in, where people communicate in different languages. In the digital world also, people prefer to read, browse and acquire the content in their native languages, which compound the problem as different websites cannot be created for varied geographic nations.

Here, multilingual websites help, which increase the market opportunities by allowing the users to consume the content in their native language. But, how about the websites that are built using responsive WordPress templates. How would the translation become possible?

Don’t fret! There are a lot of multipurpose WordPress themes which provides all the tools needed to develop the website with multiple language mutations. Although the translations are added right into theme templates, but how the website can be translated on the home domain easily. That’s the question.

How to translate your multilingual WordPress theme

The four ways to create multilingual websites with business WordPress themes is rounded up that will definitely answer the question. They are:

  • WPML plugin

The universal plugin can be used with any WordPress theme through which the WP admin can be easily translated, but manually. By importing .PO files, all the tools can be converted into the preferred languages. In the .PO files, the text, strings, and language translation are stored.

The premium plugin is highly leveraged due to the vast array of options it offers during translation. Using the plugin, you need to first translate the post, then metadata, attachments, featured images, widgets, and menus consecutively.

  • Multilingual theme plugin

Many WordPress themes come with built-in multilingual support. The translation plugin available in the WordPress theme can be leveraged to convert the website content into various languages. The plugin gets regular updates and fully compatible with the website to enable the translation without messing with .PO files.

The automated translation in 26 different languages alleviates the need to manually handle the .PO files or translation outside the WordPress admin.

  • Machine translation

The websites that are having less content can use the machine translation tools like- Google translator because going through the lengthy process of plugin makes no sense to them. But, the machine translation becomes poor choice when the content has to be translated into local languages.

The poor quality translation can create conflicts and put the business online repo at the stake. The accurate translation is a must to increase the business outreach in a specific country. Consider this option prudently.

Note: Completely relying on the Google translation is not a good practice as Google penalizes the websites for inaccurate translation or content duplication.

  • Human translation

Human translation is a long process and costs dollars, but it guarantees that the content won’t lose its creative idea and retain the flavor of original content. This type of translation is qualitative, precise and accurate, and add appeal to the target user base.

For this, the translation work is outsourced to the companies that have a proficient and qualified team of translators who provides the content translation anytime, the businesses want.

Closing words

The professional WordPress themes packed with an integrated multilingual system which translates the entire website in no time. Also, there are a lot of options available that enable the translation on-the-fly.

The Corps Multi-purpose WordPress theme is extended with multilingual functionality, which allows the businesses to create the website in several languages wherein the theme admin panel, post types, elements, widgets, page builder, settings and site administration can be done in any language without needing to get mess with .PO files.

End the hassle of manual translation, and get the website built and ready for your customer’s use with Corps theme.

5 Most Sought-After Android Game Development Frameworks

Android is one of the greatest platforms on the top of which varied genres of the stunning game applications are built. Consequently, the Google play store is flooded with millions of the games and some of them are the masterpiece of their kind.

Android provides numerous frameworks, tools, resources and libraries to enable the best-in-class Android Game Development. The availability of the plethora of Android game engines muddies the water, but there are some key attributes that help in making the choice rightly.

Presently, a major share of the game players prefers to play the game on mobile devices rather than PC or console. To build the mobile game apps, the game engines that are worth for building PC or console may not be suitable for the mobile games because distinct mobile devices have different CPU and memory efficiency needs. That’s where the CPU and memory management work as key attributes.

5 Most Sought-After Android Game Development Frameworks

Here, we have rounded up the five frameworks that work excellent for the mobile game app and improve the overall game experience. They are:

  • Corona

Corona lets the developers build the brilliant game apps at ten times faster speed using easy-to-learn Lua. The third party tools, plugins, elegant APIs, composer GUI, features, community support and resources of the Corona framework enabled some of the 2D mobile game development on the Android platform that has topped the charts.

No matter how complex the game app is, but the corona’ APIs reduces the game’s complexity and make the addition of the features easy. The state-of-the-art graphics engine of the corona enables cinematic effect in a few lines of code. Also, the game app is tested by the Corona on the hundreds of devices, thereby letting the developers focus more on gameplay improvement in place of mobile fragmentation.

  • Xamarin

The framework is known for crafting game apps that offer amazing experiences and uncompromising performance. It allows the developers to build native Android game apps with C# coding and .NET libraries. It wraps Android APIs into C# libraries so that native Android OS capabilities can be used.

Also, it takes care of app’s packaging when the app has to be uploaded onto the app store, so in a few clicks, the app uploading on the Google play store becomes feasible.

  • Unity game engine

Well, Unity 2D has not become a thing of the past, but certainly, with the release of Unity 3D, the game engine has scored a high popularity. Although the 2D version of the game engine won’t cost a single penny, but the advanced unity 3D cost dollars to the businesses.

The cross-platform game engine allows the developers to code once and deploy the game app on multiple platforms. The framework has a great asset store that enables the game development at speed. However, learning the unity has a steep learning curve, but the flexibility to code in C#, Java, and Boo Script make the things easier.

  • GameMaker

The GameMaker studio offers ultimate 2D game app development environment with all the necessary resources needed to get started and streamlined development process. With simple drag and drop functionality, the game app can be made running and exported to the Android platform in a couple of minutes without writing a single line of the code.

Through 2D physics and network play, the player base can be created, and using shaders the smashing visual effects can be added in the games. Additionally, the built-in language aids the developer to learn to program the game instead of getting trapped in the vicious circle of learning the coding.

  • CryEngine

The game engine works best for the professionals who want to build the beautiful games at zero budget. It allows the professionals to harness the power of tools the engine offers to create the world-class game experiences.

The game engine with an easy learning curve offers detailed documentation, great community support, the wide range of assets, breathtaking visuals, lifelike characters and several tutorials to engineer the game in the real-time.

Summing it up

Depending upon the type of game app to build, the game experience to create, and the programming skills the developers of mobile game development company have, any one of the game engines can be chosen. Just go through the resources the frameworks offer and monitor how much they match with your game app requirements to pick up the best fit.

Top 5 Reasons Why Unity Is Preferred Over Native Game Development

The Game development is the fast-evolving segment of the app development industry wherein large game studios build new engines, tools, customize open source solutions or use the available tools.  When the decision to develop the Android games or iOS games is zeroed in, the developers have to decide on what platform or platforms they will engineer the app that involves two different approaches.

The game app can be built for both the platforms with native development or cross-platform development engines like- Unity, Cocos 3D and more. Both types of development approaches have delivered standout gaming experience through a significant number of fantastic games, but cross-platform is considered as an ideal choice. Also, both have their own pros and cons.

Top 5 Reasons Why Unity Is Preferred Over Native Game Development

Take a quick glance at the unity and native game development:

Native game development

The native game apps are built particularly for a platform that allows the developers to fully access the device features and native SDKs so that the new game app offers unmatched performance on one platform and specific set of devices. The games cannot be ported to other platforms.

Unity game development

The game engine enables the development of the game that is built once and can be ported and deployed on different platforms and operating systems. The interpolability reduces the time, cost and efforts needed to build the game apps for multiple platforms, OSs, and devices. Also, the time to market the app gets reduced.

Let’s weigh in why unity game development is preferred over native game development:

  • Target broad spectrum of devices

Unity has gained high popularity as a cross-platform engine for building excellent 2D and 3D games for the plethora of devices and platforms. Also, the game engine is considered as best for having a profound graphic capability, easy porting, easy deployment, advanced rendering, animation, collision detection, and so on.

  • Languages support

Alike multi-platform support, the unity also supports three development languages, namely C#, Unity Script, and Boo. Unity community and developers widely use the powerful language C# in the development process.

The other engines mostly leverage C++ which is a bit difficult to work with as opposed to C#. The C# has an easy learning curve and offers the myriad of elements and techniques with which the developers are familiar with. It makes the development a breeze.

  • Great asset store

The game engine has a good community of asset and plug-in creators that provides a range of plug-ins and resources at free or at a reasonable price, which developers can leverage to shape the game app idea into a reality.

The myriad of the asset formats are supported and automatically converted into optimal formats so that game works flawlessly on target platforms. Besides, it has excellent visual editing tools and the editor that can be extended using plugins.

  • Good support

The developers are not required to reinvent the wheels in solving simple issues or the challenges they are facing during game development as Unity’s tutorials, documentation, and user community provide rich tools and guidance with examples and functions that resolve all the queries in no time.

Even, there is dedicated support center, which aids developers to overcome all the development roadblocks. The online community enables the unity game developers to find the solution through the similar query posted earlier.

  • Matured product

The numerous versions of the Unity 3D have been released into the market and now, unity 5.0 is regarded as the most matured version of the game engine. The engine is now packed with best-in-class features that game developers expect through third party add-ons.

The developers have full access to C# components and libraries alongside clean interface and scripting support.

Summing it up

Undoubtedly, it’s clear that out of two- native and unity game development, which one fits the bills. The versatile unity game engine offers the bevy of benefits that outdo the native app development. Also, the developers find unity development more efficient as it’s no brainer to address the individual device-specific attributes when the number of devices is increasing day after another.

Apart from what developers say, the businesses don’t find native development worthy enough because building the apps from the scratch for different platforms and devices that are delivering the same experience, but incurring double expense is the waste of time, efforts, and dollars.

The best solution is to join hands with a mobile game development company that has world-class gamers who have rich experience in developing cross-platforms games leveraging Unity engine. Look no further and get built the app that works everywhere.

Moving To A New House? Know How To Plan A Custom Closet

Certainly, every person designs and personalize the home according to their personal taste and style. It’s really upsetting if they need to move to a new house and leave the house they have customized at their own. Moreover, the house in which they are going to live is if short on space where making the things fit in, is difficult, then the problem grows by manifolds.

How to Plan a Custom Closet

That’s where custom closet design would help them. But, it demands a lot of time, dollars and efforts.

The person needs to create a master plan from the get-go so that it’s clear from the beginning that whether the closet’s layout suits your closet needs or not, and what are the challenges involved with the plan if it’s executed.

The main challenges I was facing with the closet plan were:
-The layout was unconventional and not a super efficient storage solution.
-The closet design is not able to accommodate so many things, thus failed to make the  most out of the space.
-The closet design was covering a huge space, but not all the closet items.

I was really worried what to do. Later, I found the Closet Design Tools offered by Potenza Global solutions. I feel like on the top of the sky. The tool allowed us to design the closet at our own without charging a single penny.

What’s more, it offers?

The tool offers a high level of flexibility and allows us to play with different things to get the final closet design, that’s the exact replica of what we have imagined. The perfect design has been just like a magic for us.

With a custom closet design, the hefty sum that I have to pay to the closet designers also get saved, and I was just needing to order the closet by providing the closet design and its dimensions. This way the closet ordered have easily accommodated several functional items such as hanging clothes, drawers for clothes or other accessories, shoes, jewelry, hamper, mirror and pretty more.

What’s the final outcome?

The unconventional custom layout with which I was unhappy, can now store maximum items when redesigned using the closet tools. There is a plenty of storage space with a number of shelves to hang clothes, drawers to fit in different things, and hold the hamper even.

Summing it up

The closet is one of the important parts of the house that every house owner like to customize as per their storage and lifestyle needs. Handing over the closet design work to a closet designer is also risky as it’s uncertain the closet that the closet designer will design is exactly what the owner was expecting.

Here, custom closet design tool is the panacea which allows the people to create a closet design that they like and save dollars that otherwise would have spent as a fee to the closet designer. Isn’t it amazing? The best way to plan a custom closet that’s time savvy and inexpensive.

Have you ever experienced closet designing with closet design tools? If so, share your experience with us in the comments below.

Why Embrace Car Dealer- The Best Car Dealer Automotive Responsive HTML 5 Template?

It’s a no-brainer to discuss the importance of the responsive auto dealer website for the auto dealers, car service stations, or mechanic workshops. With the tight integration of internet in the consumers’ lives, going online has become all-important.

Responsive Dealer Website

Certainly, every auto dealer or the business providing automotive services perfectly understand the significance of creating a web presence in generating maximum leads, sales, and revenue. But, it’s neither time inexpensive nor possible without spending a bundle, and which not every business can afford.

That’s where the Car Dealer- the Automotive Responsive HTML 5 Template comes to the rescue.

Let’s dig deep what the car dealer is:

The car dealer is a multipurpose auto dealer Premium HTML 5 template that’s developed on the top of the Bootstrap framework. The range of colors and layout options, designs, tools, and slider are offered in the template, which enables the car dealer website design and development tailored to the auto dealer’s needs possible.


Besides, there is a lot that the template has in the bucket to offer. Take a quick glance at what are the features the template provides that makes it an ideal solution for the auto business:

  • Stunning layouts

The HTML 5 template offers six different layouts with completely distinct designs that auto businesses can use to create the captivating homepage.

  • Customizable PHP forms

The contact form is a handy way to get the visitors connected with the business, which Potenza global solutions perfectly understands. That’s the reason six different fully customizable PHP forms that include a Contact form, Request more info, schedule test drive, make an offer, email to a friend and trade-in appraisal are provided.

  • Amazing GIF preloader

The GIF preloader adds an awesome effect to the banner on the web pages. The auto business website can incorporate any of the six GIF preloaders on any web page just by changing the name of the loader.

  • Revolution slider

The excellent plugin is integrated to showcase the content elegantly with a slider, parallax effect, carousel and pretty more. Additionally, $16 of the auto dealers can be saved with free extension license.

Auto Dealer

  • Responsive mega drop down menu

Categorization of the vehicles and the services offered by the automotive business through six drop down animations and multilevel drop down makes the user’s access easy and quick to what they are looking for. Also, the vertical, horizontal, left and right drop down menu works seamlessly on every device.

  • Mobile responsiveness

The high level of responsiveness alleviates the need to create different websites for different screen sizes. The website built using car dealer get easily resized for every device and looks great on them.

  • Cross-browser compatibility

The auto dealer’s website gets optimized for all the major browsers that visitors leverage to visit the website like- Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and so forth.

  • Proper documentation

Not every auto dealer is technically sound who can use the template to create the website. The detailed documentation in the simplified language with instructions is provided which makes it easier to access the full range of features.

  • Google maps

With Google map integration, the businesses can help the visitors easily locate the address of the business and get directions to navigate the place on-the-fly.

  • Code customizability

The car dealer template is coded impeccably and every section is commented so that auto dealers can easily make edits to make changes in the website.

Car dealer website


The car dealer is an outstanding solution for the businesses related to the automotive industry to craft the amazing online presence with a full-fledged website. It’s the most convenient, time inexpensive and economical way for the dealers to boost their business over the internet. Moreover, it’s packed with the myriad of the tools that not just make the website development plain-sailing, while help the businesses better serve their offerings and brought huge ROI in return.

It’s a great opportunity that should not be missed. Get your hands-on Car Dealer and share your experience with us.