Understand How the Smart Phones or Devices Effect Your Website

It is no news for technology freaks that Apple has just released fresh lines of iPhones. There are a variety of novel features introduced. The phone sizes differ and have brand new operating systems.

The new devices come with a bigger screen and larger resolution than that of previous devices. This points out to a repeating trend that has been observed off late- Larger screen sizes and higher resolutions with the introduction of each new device. Obviously, this trend is good for those who love to use larger devices. However, as a website owner it is very important to know the impact of this trend on your website.


Bigger Screens

The newly introduced iPhone models are significantly larger than the previous versions. This implies that you can have more space to fit text and graphics. This trend is very useful for those aiming to create responsive mobile designs as they have very less space in which content has to be fit. There are a number of models with varying screen sizes. You can adjust the design of your site accordingly to ensure that you make the best use of the available screen space.

Retina-High Definition Displays

With new models retina, or high resolution, displays are getting crisp and dense. It is very important to include high-resolution graphics as more pixels are fitted into each high-definition display. The logo of the website must be optimized for each device it is going to be displayed on. A high resolution image must be twice the size fitted into half the space. However, the consequence of using these high resolution images is that it can increase the site loading time. This becomes a monotonous task when uploading photos with a post but it is like a necessary evil required for ensuring a good user experience.

Availability of Reader Mode

The latest iPhones are equipped with Apple’s latest mobile operating system (iOS 8). Safari web browser comes with a Reader Mode, which automatically detects when a page is being viewed and can be slimmed to basic text as well as images. This mainly occurs because of news and blog articles. Though it is not a novel feature, in the new version, iOS 8, it shows up as “Reader View Available” in the Safari location bar. With this feature peeping out, users will definitely utilize it more. With Reader Mode, users can focus on the text of an article as it removes images of an article. As this mode is currently not highly utilized, you need to ensure that non-article pages are not showing up in this mode.

Check Your Viewers

Nothing can serve you better than a website that has been optimized for the new iPhone. With high-resolution graphics, you can ensure a great visitor experience irrespective of the device used. However, there are only a few sites which have visitors that meet the requirement for using these graphics. This makes it very important for you to check the Analytics for knowing if it would be of any use for your viewers prior to optimizing all your images for high definition.

Don’t assume that iPhone 6 models will affect each and every site. However, you cannot ignore the change introduced in screen sizes and resolutions. While it is not advisable to have high resolution images for every site as it will be a tough task to keep high and low resolution images at the same time on a site, it is very important to understand audience’s devices and technologies available so that you can deliver a superb user experience.

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