Top Intellectual Principles That Impact eCommerce Store Conversion

eCommerce industry is thriving due to increasing trend of online buying. Pages giving details of the products are very crucial for enhancing conversion rates in the eCommerce industry. It is that stage wherein the customer decides to buy the product. Once the user surpasses the home page and product categories, he or she is on the final stage of making the purchase when he/she lands on the product page, a number of factors come into play at this stage. Psychological factors play an important role in stopping the buyers to click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button. An understanding of these factors can help you impact conversions. In this article, let’s look at some of the principles that can help in dealing with these factors.


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Product page must clearly specify the value proposition and offer. Users must be able to view the price of the product clearly. If you are offering any discounts, it is better to specify ‘Before’ and ‘After’ prices. If both are mentioned together, you can save the customer the time spent in calculating the savings. Product description should be smart and succinct. Using a bit of creativity can also urge the visitor to buy the product. The success of your product page is also determined by the way you place Call-To-Actions.


There are a number of things that cross the mind of a prospective buyer. Anxiety about product delivery, getting accurate product, buying from a genuine company, etc are always lingering on their mind. These questions literally prevent the users from buying the product. A number of ways can be utilized to convince the users about your authenticity. With cash on delivery option, testimonials, trust badges, customer reviews, etc you can assure the customer that you are a genuine online seller.


Displaying on the product page that the product is available only for a limited time or till the stock lasts, you can create a sense of urgency in the buyer. This factor impacts the psychology of the buyer who is going to delay the purchase. Words like limited time discounts, offers, or limited stock availability urge the buyer not to miss the opportunity. It motivates visitors to become buyers without any delay. Scarcity of products also motivates buyers to grab the products.


Establishing your brand image through consistent and committed service can help you a great deal in getting more conversions. By delivering top quality products and services to buyers you can establish trustworthiness, reliability and professionalism. Two most popular techniques are – ‘Return Policy’ and ‘Money Back Guarantee’. With these things in place, you can ensure unique service and gain consumer loyalty.


Once a visitor arrives on the product page, your main goal will be to urge the visitor to click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Hence, on this page the visitor must not be able to do anything more than this. Elements such as sign up for a newsletter only distract the visitor from becoming a buyer. Even social networking buttons may distract their attention and impact their will to buy the product at that specific moment. Displaying ‘Likes’ for a specific product may also discourage a buyer as it may make him or her feel that the lesser the likes the inferior is the product quality.


You must test your product pages for all the above mentioned factors as each site differs in terms of goals, traffic, layout, and offerings. What can be useful for a business may be irrelevant to the other. This makes it important for you to build two website versions so that you can evaluate the performance of each version.

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