How To Make Use of APIs to Add Value Your Enterprise eCommerce Website

APIs, abbreviated form of Application Programming Interfaces, pave the way for apps and programs to interact with each other. They are very helpful in connecting different apps with each other. They can be useful in displaying resources and information from various sources on your eCommerce site, and also for performing specific actions. APIs can deliver a rich customer experience while enhancing your site’s look and feel.

What are Social APIs?

From time immemorial, word-of-mouth publicity has been an essential part of marketing. With the  development of technology, social media tools including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus provide APIs that can be integrated with your eCommerce website. Comments, likes, tweets or reviews, gathered about your company or product can be displayed on your website or product page. All this will hugely impact the buying decisions made by prospects.

Making Use of APIs to reach Mobile Devices

There is an increasing use of smart devices to purchase goods. Having a mobile friendly site can help expand your customer base. A number of APIs can help you make your website visible on a mobile device. For example, mobile express checkout APIs, which help carryout uncomplicated checkout procedures for mobile users, are specifically made for aiding eCommerce site owners to sell their products through mobile devices.

APIs Role in Internal Site Search

Internal site search is one of the most valuable resources for customers who have decided on what to buy or who are sure about what they want. Internal site search saves a great deal of time for such prospects. A number of site search APIs can be integrated with an eCommerce site to help your prospects reach the product they want in a convenient manner.

Payment APIs

These APIs can be bought from a number of sources such as Amazon and PayPal. With the help of these APIs, it will be easy in handling your payment processes. APIs can handle different payment related activities such as invoicing, billing, credit card processing, and paying refunds.

Fraud Detection APIs

When it comes to online buying, a prospect is always worries about authenticity of the transaction. There are APIs that can detect and help prevent fraud or questionable transactions. Anti-fraud APIs can ensure security on your website.

Shipping APIs

Different shipping services have APIs that can be added to your website to ease the shipping process. You can select APIs to automate your shipping process, include address verification, print shipping labels, and send the tracking number to both you and buyers. APIs can make the process of moving products, from the warehouse to the ultimate customer, very easy.

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