Mobile Marketing Encroaching Upon The Reliable Desktop

If you are a smart phone user then there are chances that you may have come across a number of mobile marketing advertisements. Many advertisements, that you come across, are presented to you based on your Google searches or information that interests you on social media. You may wonder how all this is related to mobile phones. Mobile marketing functions the same way as it does on a desktop computer. The only difference is that mobile phones and tablets are used in more numbers to browse the web. You can also go mobile marketing to reach mobile phone users. With more than quarter of the world’s mobile phones being smart, this seems to be the smartest marketing technique.

The implications of mobile marketing on marketers are yet to be understood. The marketing techniques are never constant. They need to be changed as per changing environment. There are always novel, quick and better ways of marketing your products and/or services. Old online marketing techniques don’t do much to convince Google. What is even more challenging is to ensure that you are marketing your business not on one but on all devices. This calls for a responsive website design, which has now become the norm for all the companies.

Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing and Responsive Design

Responsive design powers mobile marketing. Though there are a number of apps available on the apps store, people rely on Google to get information. Recently manufactured smart phones will definitely provide inbuilt Google Chrome or may provide the facility to download the application at zero cost. This implies that any website, the user visits, will have to be user-friendly and also display perfectly on devices of different shapes and sizes. A skilled responsive web developer understands the aim of a responsive website and how it has to be created.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Social media has an important role to play in mobile marketing. Social media marketing is now adopted as a new marketing channel to gain more exposure and reach customers. It is a surprise to know that 1/4th of the smart phone users aged 18-44 were unaware about the last time they were away from their smart phone. Obsession for mobile phones is not only among youngsters but is also among middle aged folk. This fact should be considered when determining the target audience for your mobile marketing campaigns.

Applications have a huge impact on mobile marketing campaigns as eCommerce has entered into the smart phone world. It is surprising to note that 1 in 5 smart phone users scan product barcodes and approximately 1 in 8 uses their smart phones to compare product prices in stores. For almost all online stores, there is an application. A business having a mobile application benefits greatly and can boost sales. It can make shopping convenient for its customers without wasting their time.

So do you wonder about the future of desktop computing? Not much is going to happen to it. There is a huge speculation over smart phone and tablets overtaking the world. However, when it comes to desktop computers, they are surely safe as for now. Current desktop computers can surely accommodate bigger screens, huge hard drives, more power and most importantly higher productivity.

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Being a versatile tech blogger, Michael Waugh has an enormous knowledge in diverse IT domains. Currently he is placed in Potenza Global Solutions; a India based IT Company that deals with Mobile Applications and Web Development.


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