Meet DotNetNuke(DNN) PayPal Add-on For Action Form & Its Features

DNN DevelopmentThere is great news for all action form builders, especially for those earning through action form payment forms, out there. To complete the process DotNetNuke or DNN authorities have finalized on new payment integration with PayPal. For those who are new to the DNN PayPal Add-on, here’s more to let you explore in detail.

What is DNN PayPal Add-on?

DotNetNuke PayPal Add-on is an Action Form extension that enables to process credit card payments with PayPal from your users after securing information about them via an Action Form powered form. It will be just a matter of minutes that you will be accepting payments and online orders without having to redirect your users to PayPal website.

Purpose of DNN PayPal Add-On:

With an aim to deliver a professional experience to your users, this DNN PayPal Add-on helps your process credit card payments right from your website, without having to navigate to a payment website. With this add-on, you can set up and access recurring payment subscriptions. Once the Action Form powered form is duly filled and submitted, the user will not be navigated to another page on the website of the gateway.


Action Form 03.05.171+
DotNetNuke 5.5+, DotNetNuke 6, DotNetNuke 7
SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/r2 (including msde and express editions)
ASP.NET 3.5+
IIS 6.0+


Easy and Quick Payment Set-up:

DNN PayPal Add-on doesn’t need a set-up time. All you need is an account with PayPal and you are ready to go for collecting payments whilst avoiding complex APIs and documentation.

Seamless Integration:

Being securely integrated with Action Form (v. 03.05.171+), this DNN PayPal Add-on lets you work without having to worry about core upgrades in future.

Helps Manage Recurring Payments:

With this Add-on, you can collect either monthly or annual payments with auto-renewing payment periods. This feature makes it easy to sell products and/or services that need constant billing.


The template doesn’t confine you to a fixed form. You can modify the template to match your requirements. You can choose the additional data that you wish to pass to PayPal.

Multiple Currency Support:

If your business serves a wide geographical area, then with this Add-on you can enable your customers to pay to you in their local currency which may be USD, AUD, EUR, NZD, CAD, or GBP.

Sandbox Mode:

You can test out your payments without having to use your credit cards and null charges again and again whilst tweaking your forms.

Express Checkout Option:

With this feature you can integrate the checkout process to keep your customers lingering on DNN portal post a purchase.

Allows Choosing Transaction Type:

With DNN PayPal Add-on, you can choose among sale, order, and authorization transaction types.

Conditional Action:

With this module, you can write a condition which will determine whether the PayPal actions will be executed or not, at the time of submission.

Direct Completion of Payment Process:

With DNN PayPal Add-on, you needn’t redirect your users from your DNN portal. It makes it easy for them to complete the payment process, at your website itself.

All in all, we can say that DNN PayPal Add-On is a completely novel solution to help your clients perform payment process seamlessly. Coming with a variety of features, it promises great deal of flexibility and convenience.

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Michael Waugh is a tech Blogger & work with Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading DNN Development Company that involves a team of expert .NET programmers and designers who are trained to deliver web projects with great professionalism.


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