Why You Should Go For Responsive Web Design for Your Business

In today’s world, customer is more technology friendly. Various customers may be accessing your website through different devices. End user experience should not be ruined no matter which device the user is using to navigate through your website. Responsive website design is a novel approach in the web designing field. It aims to create a universal design that responds to user behavior as well as environment on the basis of screens size, orientation and platform.

RWD has become the core feature of modern web designing principles. In this rapidly developing technological world, RWD has become critical for success of any online business.

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Tremendous increase in number of mobile users

At the outset of year 2014, 55 percent of mobile devices were used for browsing the web. This figure outdid the desktop internet usage. Desktop sales suffered a major downfall in the year 2013. Mobile is used even by executives who are performing research before or after office hours.

Consumers Increasing Demand

Today’s consumer doesn’t compromise on user experience. As per Google, there is 61 percent chance that a mobile user will exit your website if he or she is not able to find what is required. Other surveys show that smart phones and tablets are increasingly used to get in touch with brands. Hence, from these statistics it becomes clear that the success of a business highly depends on the ability of a business to deliver pleasurable online experience. Navigation through the website should be easy no matter which device the user is using. It is important for a business to invest time in creating an intuitive and user friendly experience of mobile users. It is the gratified users who will engage with your business and spread its popularity.

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Success on the Social Media Platform

Smart phones and tablets are increasing being used for accessing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Employing a social media strategy, can help your business get huge percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices. Posting links to an unresponsive website will only lead to lower click through rates and enervated visitors. A responsive website is essential to deliver a convenient user experience irrespective of the device used.

Google’s Support for Responsive Websites

RWD is highly recommended by Google. It benefits mobile users due to the following reasons

RWD is

  • SEO optimized
  • Enhances search engine visibility
  • With one URL Googlebot can crawl easily into your site
  • Reduced site loading time
  • Looks good for all devices

Google has recently launched the ‘Mobile-friendly’ label to indicate those sites, in mobile search results, which have been optimized for mobile viewers.

Content Management Simplified

Prior to the existence of RWD, businesses were coerced to create two different websites, one for the mobile visitors and the other for desktop users. This implied two URLs and both had to be updated individually. RWD has served as a central alternative wherein you have to spend less time in updating your website at multiple places. This leaves you with more time to focus on content quality.

With increasing number of people accessing the internet through smart devices, there is always a chance of changing screen size. It has now become important to create websites that can adapt to any device. User experience will now become a critical factor in determining the success of a business.

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