Ways to Improve Site Search in eCommerce website

Sale largely depends on your Internal Site Search. An effective internal site search tool can help prospective customers get what they want without wasting any time. This in turn attracts more customers and helps a business increase their sales figures. Many of the customers use the site search feature to get the thing they are looking for. These visitors may be looking for some information, or product, or a very specific product through product number or name, etc. These were just some of the instances where site search is used. Whatever may be the case, your site search should be able to perform the searches quickly and display results to visitors or potential customers.

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Searching Through Keywords:

One of the most known ways through which people try to find what they want is through keywords. By entering related term or description, they will be getting a number of items having that specific keyword in their names or descriptions. At times, this can result in a situation where in an impatient searcher just gives up the search instead of going through the number of search results displayed on the screen. To avoid such situations, you can provide your visitors with an advanced search tool for narrowing down the search results to what exactly the visitor has searched for.

Narrowing Down the Search Results with The Use Of Categories And Attributes:

One of the ways in which website visitors can get better search results is with a site search tool having filters. This will help them narrow their search by choosing a category of product such as lotions, creams, cleansers etc. They can also choose a specific attribute like for normal skin, combination skin, etc. This helps in slimming down the site’s search area. This will help the customers find what they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner. This is especially useful for customers who are impatient or in a hurry.

Browsing and Correlating:

In certain cases, customers are unsure about what they exactly want and need to use some different search terms, explore through different items and compare them with each other. With a search tool that helps customers to choose items for comparison can help make shoppers decide on the item they wish to purchase. Some improved search tools even show similar items that other customers have explored and purchased. Facility to compare products and find what other customers purchased eventually can help ease the selection process.

Searching using SKU:

Some customers are aware about what exactly they want. They are even cognizant about the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) or product number. If they become aware that specific product is available on your website then you need to make things easy for such customers. Customers must be able to find the item by entering the SKU in the search box and they must be able to get only that product in the search results. This makes the purchase process quick and easy.

In conclusion, this is a super-busy era. Everyone wants things instantly. Any delay in finding the item that your prospective customers want can break the deal. It is the web masters responsibility to help customers find what they need as fast as possible. Different techniques must be utilized to make the search process easy.

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