Gaining A Wide Reach For Your Content

Content is the language through which a business communicates with its clients and prospects. It speaks for the business and represents the voice of the business. Although it is said the content is the king, content doesn’t give much results until and unless it reaches wider audience. Exposure of content can enhance your engagement levels. Planning different ways to get maximum audience for your content is the key to making optimum use of quality content.

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Influential People Can Help Spread the Word…..

At the outset, when you put your content out there and people enjoy reading it then that is great. However, what you need to really do is attract the audience who can help spread the word for you. This way you would be indirectly making ‘promoters’ work for you. A number of books and ideas have got popular because they were with the right people and at the right places. Every niche of the industry has powerful promoters. All you need to do is recognize them and let them ‘see’ your content. Once they like your content, ‘Word of mouth’ will work like magic!

Reaching Promoters – Is that Easy?

It is neither easy nor too tough to get promoters for your content. However, it is definitely possible. There are a number of ways to reach promoters. Following are some of the ways of reaching them.

Engage them in a project

Many promoters have the will to engage in projects but don’t have the time for it. Making it easy for them and also making their efforts rewarding can urge them to be willing to participate.

Conducting interviews

Undertaking interviews is not as herculean a task as it seems. You can conduct straightforward interviews with business owners who are running business of your audience’s interest and needs. This will enlighten you about their marketing techniques and help you benefit your audience. The person should be someone whom you respect and can discuss finer points of an area within your industry.

This creates a kind of win-win situation as the parties involved will learn a lot in the process. You can go the following way step by step for reaching promoters through this way.

1. Inspect and research about your audience by asking them directly. You can also listen attentively to their opinion about the type of information they are seeking from experts. Make a list of options that you are sure will be useful for them and for people who you wish to make a part of your audience.

2. Make a list of ‘Promoters’ who you think can provide information in the best way. These promoters must be those whose audience potentially overlaps with that yours.

3. Draw up plans for interview or case study and ensure that you ask open-ended questions to fire up the debate. This will truly bring out gems of wisdom.

4. Ensure that you inform the ‘Promoter’ about the convenience and the benefits for their contribution.

Create a training or presentation for their audience

Promoters are influential people and rarely can find time for your project. They need time to create and build their following. If you can create something great that will benefit your mutual audiences then they will surely be eager.

1.Determining the topics: Analyze the problems that your audience is facing. You can also look at the promoter and research on the problems that their audience needs solutions to. You can create videos or PPTs and make your offering feel interesting through them.

2.Present a solution: Prepare an email that provides excellent content for free for followers. Let them preview it, and be open to their suggestions and feedback.

3.Give a freebie or sponsor training: It is very important to decide the timing. Ensure that you have sufficient time to answer the queries. This also aims at your new audience.

Your Chance To Add Your Value:

Always ensure that your project has something for the benefit of the promoter. It must be worth the time they are investing and also worth the risk they are taking, both for your and their followers.

Ensure that the ‘promoter’ has significant influence to make an impact on your business growth. With consistent efforts, you can have large and committed audience for you.

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With blogging experience in various field of technology, Michael Waugh has gained good knowledge about content writing based on web designing, eCommerce development etc. Currently he is associated with Potenza Global Solutions, a well known IT company in India.


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