SEO Benefits Derived From Responsive Web Designing and Development

The introduction of responsive web designing techniques has changed life for PC users who have now shifted to mobiles or tablets. Responsive web Design or RWD is a technique that enables a website to adapt itself according to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. All in all, whether a website is viewed on a PC, laptop, Mobile or tablet, it delivers the same user convenience. Mobile friendly websites have benefitted both the end users and businesses. A uniform experience across multiple devices ensures superior customer satisfaction. Responsive design will always be needed in this era of multiple devices being used for browsing the web.

Smart phones and tablets are now used as the main communication devices. From searching information to shopping for gifts, smart devices are being used for almost all tasks. This fact proves that responsive design has substantial effect on the SEO world. With Google dictating businesses to have mobile sites, RWD will surely have a positive influence on SEO.

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Responsive Website Design and SEO

Responsive Design Enhances Local SEO ranking

RWD can help you enhance your local ranking if you are targeting local keywords. Mobile devices are mostly used for finding local businesses including dining places, shopping outlets etc. Mobile search results are also impacted by geo-specific parameters. With this trend in place, a website has to meet SEO pointers. This will help your website stand out as an optimized website which is perfect for being displayed on search engines.

For example, if the user clicks on BACK button, when your website is not mobile optimized, and clicks on some other site which delivers good user experience. These actions will be regarded by Google as poor user experience and your place on search engines will be changed accordingly.

Eliminating Duplicate Content

When two different websites are created, one for PC and other from mobile, content is usually replicated from the main website. This brings down the website’s credibility in the eyes of search engine no matter how original and creative content the website has. With same content over two places, you may end up misdirecting your audience. With a responsive website design, you can ensure a site with unique content and this eliminates the risks of having duplicate content.

Link Building And Responsive Design

While building backlinks to your site, you also need to ensure that you use them for your mobile site as well. However, if you are not using responsive design and having a mobile website, then you need to start from the outset with SEO and link building for your mobile site. Pages from responsive sites are mostly shared as they open up to fit the browser. Also, such links don’t have any images related to the original site.

Optimum Use of Onsite SEO Efforts

SEO needs effort and time investment. Social sharing and onsite SEO, done for website having responsive design, will be applicable for mobile version of the site as well. Your onsite tasks related to SEO will be maintained for the mobile site too.

Responsive Web Design Equals One Site

When you are using responsive web design services, it means that you will have one website. At a single destination, you will have to manage your content. Any difference made at one place will reflect at all places. This brings down the time which would otherwise be taken in reconciling the differences in various site versions. This is also good for users as they can access the entire site from any corner of the world.

Google Loves Responsive Websites

According to Google, in this smart device oriented era, it is best to go for Responsive website design. Google, the king of all search engines, rewards sites which have higher placement in the SERPs for sites which enhance user experience. An average time spent on a site is an important indicator of user experience. Bounce rate and social sharing are also considered by Google. Hence, RWD can help you improve site rank and also satisfy your mobile users.

Superior Visibility

Google will direct visitors to the site they wish to see. If your site is not able to satisfy the end user, they will jump back to the page on which the search results are displayed. This will be noted by Google as a ‘Bad Choice’ with regards to your niche. If your mobile site doesn’t resemble your original site and provides less information, the user will definitely end up getting frustrated and move on to finding an alternative. This leads to an increase in your website bounce rate and brings down your ranking.

In conclusion, Responsive Web Design and SEO deliver enhanced user experience. Your website should be able to deliver value to its users. Google wants you to give top priority to your website visitors. Meeting users at any place, at any time, and on any screen is the key to keep Google satisfied. This makes it clear that responsive design walks along with your SEO efforts.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a content writer & a tech blogger with Potenza Global Solutions. He likes to write about social media, organic SEO & online marketing. Follow with him on Google+.


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