Hurry! Good news for all those wanting to increase traffic on their website.  Yes, surely you can, by promoting your old evergreen articles which is the simplest, uncomplicated, and smartest way to get more pageviews.

The Following Article Presents Some of the Best Ways to Promote Old Posts in WordPress.

But, before proceeding further, it is necessary to know the reasons for the same. In order to save time and money along with efforts it is advisable to promote older articles to allow traffic potentials for which following methods are enlisted to promote old posts in wordpress development.

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1. Consistency in Sharing your Old Posts on Social Media:-

As the numbers of followers seen on social media updates are in minority, the fact remains that due to the commotion, not everyone remains online at the same time and hence it is not advisable to share at various different times of the day. Social media network like Twitter, face book, and LinkedIn increase the updates thereby maximizing the exposure for different times.

2. Exhibiting Related Posts on your Blog:-

There is a corresponding content which is below or next to each article while visiting popular blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable or even WPBeginner. Chances of exploring more of your website can be provided by using related posts plugin.

3.  Presenting Popular Posts:-

Out of 100%, 20% of your website content gets 80% of the traffic. This is because of the fact that some articles are liked more by others. In order to get more traffic to them, the best way is to publish the most popular content with some clicks as people are more comfortable reading what others have found to be of interest while coming to your website.

4.  Make Effective 404 Pages:-     

This page of 404 is shown when a page that the user is searching for, cannot be found. Most of wordpress themes comes with a default of 404 templates. As the page that the user is looking for cannot be found, you can grab the opportunity to keep the visitors busy by advertising the most crucial content of your website.   For the users to locate the content they were in search of, a search form can be added.

5.  Better WordPress Search:-

There are two common path for improving the search feature. They are:-
1.  Use Google custom search form to replace the WordPress search.
2.   To use a search plugin .

6.  Custom Archive Pages:-

All you need to do for highlighting your useful content is to create a custom archive page as it displays all post categories/tags, add compact archives and include a search form.  It even presents recent posts, commented posts and the most popular articles which will be helpful for the people at large for finding the contents as well as also to understand the subject matter of the post.

7.  Connecting Old Articles:-

You got to have been habituated for building internal link as it is one of the most supreme SEO strategy and helpful to the user as well.

8.  Associating Old Articles in Comments:-

While trying to use links to point out the articles on your website and answering user comments on your own blog should not be done forcefully, as there are many chances of opportunities cropping up and at the same time it helps in building trust and increases pageviews as well.

To sum up, adding link will help the future visitors continue to click on the same question on that link.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a Tech Blogger & work with Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading WordPress Development Company that involves a team of expert open source programmers and designers who are trained to deliver web projects with great professionalism.


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