To Be Or Not To Be – Choice Between PHP And ASP .NET Development

PHP and ASP net development have constantly remained to be the hot topic of discussion on the net, as none of the users have any point of argument or controversy so far its performance and quality is concerned, so much so that it has become difficult to make a choice while taking the first step for creating a website.

In order to avoid confusion, let us first know what PHP and ASP .net is. Well, PHP is an open source program while ASP .net development is a commercial program. Keeping in mind, the program and its needs for development purposes, you can make a comparison between the two programs in accordance to its speed, cost, support, maintenance, quality as well as its execution.

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Speed V/S Performance:

It is of utmost importance to confirm the speed at which the sever communicates and also to check the speed of the browser to be capable enough while taking into account PHP or ASP .Net Development as it is hard to make a comparison between the two.

The speed of the two platforms can be examined by these major outlines, that is, when the website starts communicating with the server, when the backend database servers’ speed is tested but not the platform speed, when the web application tries to access the database file stored in the file system actually using up the speed of the OS on which it is installed and when ASP.Net is restricted to windows based platform, and max to max a Mac.

As PHP is open sourced, it works on all the available operating systems as compared to ASP. Net which is restricted to windows based platform or at the most to Mac.? Another speed and performance based advantage that PHP has over ASP.Net is while dealing with servers, since Linux based server is efficient though not so fast. But, in terms of coding and running the code, no platform can compete with ASP.Net as far as its speed and efficiency is concerned.

Qualitative Measures:

The quality of a program depends on the use of standard programming practices, experience and expertise with which the programmer uses the platform and the programming framework.

Cost Effectiveness:

The question that constantly keeps on hammering your mind about developing your website using either of the two platforms is definitely about its cost effectiveness. At the time of considering either of the platforms, it is essential to install a group.

1) The first group of PHP consists of My SQL server, Linux OS, PostgreSQL Server & Apache   Server. The upgrades are free with no additional cost and zero licensing cost.

2) The second group is known as LAMP which includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which is quite popular. Linux server optimizes less cost as compared to windows server.

3) ASP. Net comes with windows and IIS with less substantial cost with higher chances of it being increased with windows server adding to the cost.


The support for both LAMP and PHP are available along with the necessary resources. Being more alert and friendly platform, it helps in setting up shop anytime with large amount of support and resources.

ASP. Net has sufficient resources while the support department is dependent on Microsoft and their developers. This platform is dependent although it is stocked with enough resources.

To summarize, ASP .Net is windows dependent that makes Microsoft the key element, whereas PHP is platform independent.

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With blogging experience in various fields of technology, Michael Waugh has gained impressive knowledge about Web Development. Currently he is associated with Potenza Global Solutions, a top-notch IT company that deals with various Asp .Net & Open Source Project.


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