The Influence of Push Notification Campaigns on App Users

App Marketers are well aware about the ultimate user engagement tools that push notification campaigns and marketing automation which provides and allows you to reach users outside your app, providing them with the up-to-date information requiring them to promote your app repeatedly. It is of course not a mystery that geo location and leveraging personalization are able to carry your brand closer to the app users, increase conversions, and build loyalty by finally encouraging your ROI by generating mobile revenues.

The reasons for using Push Notifications are quite dissimilar from actually setting up campaigns.

Following are the steps which every app marketer should follow with regards to push notification campaigns from new user on boarding to developing relationship with the apps most devoted users

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1.  The Welcome Campaign

Laying emphasis on the future correspondence and directing the user towards the prime in-app development should be delivering a cordial message to your new app user. It all depends upon the type of app you are using, like if it is a shopping app, you may require to deal with the some extraordinary offers and discounts to drive them to make their initial purchases as the objective is to promote your app over and over again.

2.  The Re-Targeting Campaign

Another factor essential for each and every app marketer for push notification campaign, is to re-focus on the users whose distinct and unique in-apps are incomplete. For instance, conducting users who are not much involved to your app with push notification campaign, targeting on content and directing them towards conversion as well as intimating high-intent users to complete activities like returning to the discarded shopping cart. Sub-dividing push messages according to past in-app behaviour and modifying intent increases app usage as well as life time value.
3.  Re-engaging Terminated Users Campaigns

The value of the app decreases after few years in case of some of the buyers and thus, a well organized proactive push notification campaign, aiming at its extinct users helps in maintaining the users in return. The fear of being inactive with a push notification gives hope to the target users, bringing them back into your app. Push notifications can even be customize according to the previous behavior or purchase history.

4.  Campaign Based On Location

Mobile has given its marketers the freedom to reach its users in any nook and corner of the world whereas, smart app marketers rank in increasing app engagement, connecting the rift between digital and the present world by targeting users in special areas for promoting locally and geo-targeting the situations.

For the users who have maintained a rapport with geo-targeting is disgusting because of its cheap performance. But at the same time, you can fight for this by reserving location based marketing for users who have been developing rapports with. To cite an example, you may not wish to send location based messages to the dormant users or for those users who don’t bother to access general push notifications because of its failure to drop out. Hence it would be good to approach the target users who have been committed with a limited portion of content or executed a specific in-app activity.
Thus, it all depends upon your business to develop the actual relationship.

5.  The Reward Campaign

In any case the sort of app you possess does not matter at all as commitment is of basic importance and withholding the same from content publishers to mcommerce is equally of prime importance. Push notifications helps in getting your app deleted by its users if you are capable of winning its loyalty.

Delivering a thanks giving message would definitely be of value after the completion of conversion goal. For example, if you are into a travel agency and the customer books a flight, message him/her with a complimentary discount; hook him to the restaurants in their vicinity which will enable them to use your app and increase your life time value.

In short, for grabbing your customers using your app, utilize the influence of push notifications.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is an Internet Marketing Manager at Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading Mobile Apps Development company that involves a team of expert apps developers who are trained to deliver pixel perfect, validated and functionally tested Mobile Apps with great professionalism


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