What Can You Do for Perfect Mobile Landing Page?

A number of marketing professionals are not serious about optimizing their PPC landing pages for mobile visitors. In this blog post, I will be listing a number of factors that can influence your mobile pages. It must be noted that these tips cannot be utilized on non-PPC mobile site pages.

mobile landing pageKeep It Short and Sweet

Well selected few words have greater effect than verbose paragraphs, specifically on mobile pages with confined screens. One can always first copy write freely and then select fewer meticulously selected words. Always find short ways of telling things yet the meaning should be clear. It is always possible to be succinct. A number of words including that, which, and who can be omitted without altering the meaning of the original sentence. All this leads to a concise and meaningful write-up.

Avoid Intensifiers and Superlatives

Most of the times it can be viewed, both on web and mobile copy, that vague words such as best, completely, and better, are used to augment the tone of a marketing copy.

There is a general tendency to use such vague terms which don’t really add to the meaning of the original phrase. It is always good to use clear, direct, and descriptive terms than to use meaningless words. Concisely laying down the benefits or advantages is the key to success.

Words must convey value to customers rather than littering up the website with something without any true meaning. This one change can enhance your business reputation.

List Out the Points

Both mobile devices and regular landing pages must make use of bullet points. These are easy to read and communicate the message effectively.

Bullet points give structure to your content and make the web page look neatly organized. It is important to use less text and more white space. This makes the page look less cluttered and also brings down the site load and enables visitors to making buying decisions with ease. Pages with give bullet points are winning pages.

Legibility – The key

The font used for mobile pages and buttons must be large enough so that people don’t have to zoom to read the content. Mobile buttons should be large enough to be clickable otherwise they don’t motivate the users to take action.

To provide users with ease of use, clickable information must be associated with your primary conversion event. The same principle can be applied when it comes to buttons which allow visitors to make a purchase.

Keep the Form (if applicable) Simple:

An ideal mobile form consists just of three to four fields with a clear call to action. Farther down the page, you may include other information.

Fast Loading Pages:

They breathe life into the traffic figures. Pages that load in five seconds invite more users. People use phones whilst multi-tasking and so they wish pages to load quickly. If pages load too slowly then definitely the user will switch to an alternate website.

One Solid Call-To-Action

Users should not feel distracted after visiting your website. This can usually happen if you use more than one call-to-action. You must place your focus on a single landing page.

Make your call-to-action clearly visible and accessible to the user at the top of the page and secondary conversions below the page. When it comes to B2B businesses, it is a different case. Besides main call-to-action, no other conversion points must reflect on the page. It is not good to recommend additional products including B2C companies. More than one call-to-action makes the users confused.

Optimal utilization of buttons is a winning strategy. You can also use your phone number as call-to-action. Phone calls give better results than online conversions. Run your phone number on mobile pages on experimental basis.

About Author:

Michael Waugh works with Potenza Global Solutions – a Website Design & PHP Development Company in India. He has a passion for technology and also loves gaining knowledge about new technology tools. He is an avid writer and often contributes to various blogs and websites.

Image Source: http://www.clickthroo.com


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