The Advantages and Disadvantages of Off-The-Shelf and Custom eCommerce Platform

ecommerceThe question of deciding the usage of an off-the-shelf e-Commerce platform or a customizable e-Commerce platform is too difficult for any business owner as there is no proper answer to it. An off-the-shelf solution may function smoothly for some businesses, while for the others, their requirement for the specific needs are satisfied with an e-Commerce platform. The following pros and cons will be beneficial in deciding upon the same, with more inputs of information to make it all the more easy and simple

Off-the-Shelf eCommerce:

It is a piece of readymade software that can be purchased and installed without further delay, as the software has already been developed as well as tested and used successfully by a large number of businesses.

Pros and Cons of Off-the-Shelf:

Opting for off-the-shelf e-commerce platform means reducing your burden because of the readymade product which includes the standard features that are beneficial to the majority of the businesses. As this platform is utilized by a large number of companies, innumerable bugs and problems have been solved and sorted out. Generally, there are the customer support lines as well as online forums committed to answering questions related to platform and assisting the customers with the problems if any.

However, the comforts of off-the-shelf have some contradictions. The platform generally comes to a halt as it ought to be customized to work for your business, demanding extra time and money if the customizations required by you are available at any moment. The customizations generally ought to include, plugins which could be quite risky as, if, too many plugins are added it could arouse your site to perform slow or likely to abort. It is however possible that your platform may not incorporate well with your other business software, particularly if it is formed by the competing companies.

Custom e-Commerce:

It is a part of the software that is adapted to meet with the requirements of your business. A developer or a development firm will take the existing code and customize it as per your requirement, which means that the code to your platform will be different and exclusive to your business as well as granting you to make alterations to it.

Pros and Cons of Custom eCommerce:

As long as an eCommerce platform appears and seem to be the answer to all the problems, it has some drawbacks too. Relying upon the developer or the development firm you are working, it could be costly and time consuming. The manner in which it will function and its aspects all rely upon the developers’ expertise and the attempts invested into your project.

Nevertheless, the advantage of eCommerce platform could be great. On the condition that if you use an expert developer, your custom platform would have only the aspects that your eCommerce business requires and will function easily without any difficulty. It can be balanced precisely as per your needs. It will also be simpler to accumulate and scale when required and could be merged with your other business software too. Under other circumstances, the only way to have your online business function as per your requirement would be a custom option. Bearing in mind, that eCommerce platform is an investment, as well as also by investing both, time and money in up front and assuring you to have a system that permits your business to prosper are expected to have a high ROI rather than by abiding with the cheaper option that prevents the progress and neither pleases you nor satisfies the requirements of customers.

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