How to Build A Community Around Your Mobile Games

At times, I have observed that superb mobile games have no social presence at all. Social is the most obvious extension of game play because people wish to share and compare their experiences with fellow players. Establishing a space for the player community can bring in huge followers and insure fan retention.

In this blog post, I will be introducing some ideas to include social thinking in your game plan.

keyboard-597107_640Transform Players into Authentic Fans:

Social integration within mobile games is the most obvious concept which allows players to share their scores across social channels.  A number of games will inspire players to initiate actions, including connecting with Facebook or tweeting the game by providing free currency or additional life chance. While these can be effective strategies, they might lead to new fans quitting after the first like.

Offering long-term value to fans in your community can also help you get long term results. For this you can include behind-the-scenes stories, fun contests, or online events. This helps the members within the community to know each other.

Make The Most of Social Influencers:

Once you connect with game influencers, you can have a huge impact. Just using your marketing channels will not work in this case.

You can also leverage specific campaigns where in gamer will be able to post their commentary. For this you can utilize two platforms- Youtube and Twitter.

To give a good start to influencer relations, you can begin alerting your game influencers and giving them invitations to play. Ensure that you have understanding about the influencer and their work prior to reaching out. You have to show that you are interested in a relationship and not just in the marketing of your application. If you can plan a budget for such initiatives then you can get more influence.

Prop Up Your Social Support:

By enhancing your social presence, you fans are getting access to a novel and convenient way to contact you. You can expect them to post technical game issues, questions, and general complaints on your social pages. You need to ensure that in your social strategy you make use of a committed source for moderating conversations. You need to make sure that you provide your fans with customer care on social platforms. If you are unable to secure a resource to handle social responsibilities, then it is better to keep your social presence limited. Once you get a resource you can support your fans whenever they want you to.

Acknowledge and Appreciate Content Generated by Fans:

Some mobile games experienced huge success since their launch in the current year. There is nobody who doesn’t love characters, unique UX and clever monetization. The best thing is developers must appreciate the value that fans add to the game or the site. After all, it is because of them that the game is getting popular. Some fans are so crazy about the game that they create artistic paintings and animations. These can be shared and made popular on social channels. This will give indirect publicity to your game.

When you reward your fans, they become your loyal followers as it makes them feel valued. It can also depict to the casual fans the seriousness of your game community and encourage them to participate.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a versatile tech blogger and work with Potenza Global Solutions – A leading mobile game development company.


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