What are the Impediment of Angular JS?

Angular JSAngular JS brings in a number of benefits for developing web applications. However, there are some shortcomings of Angular JS which need to be managed well. In this blog post, we will look at some of the downsides of Angular JS. We will also look at how these deficiencies can impact your application development process. This blog post will let you decide which framework can best meet your app requirements.

Advancement and Complexity:

One of the most unavoidable shortcomings of this framework is that it requires an immense amount of knowledge to be consumed so that the outcome and the execution of the project are effective. When it comes to AngularJS it offers a good amount of improvements over the standard JavaScript with regards to different techniques including dependency Injection and declarative programming. However, to utilize these concepts in your web application development project you need to first understand them. As a number of techniques in AngularJS are not known to majority of web developers, working on complex elements might be a biggest hindrance for your development team.

Limitations of Features:

Some of the unique features of Angular JS also carry some peculiarities that can confine the standard development practices. For instance, with the routing functionality, only one route per page is possible; this can confine UI development. Scopes, owing to their nature, are very beneficial, but hard to debug. Search engine indexing can be bothersome due to single-page application. For each feature of Angular JS, there exists some subset of functionality which is disturbed by pursuing the design patterns offered by the framework. Even if one wants to get around the limitations, then it would take sufficient time to modify the application to match the requirements.

Unpredictability and Absence of Documentation:

When it comes to web development area, Angular JS developers are always looking forward to use innovation. A number of times this is accomplished without any support to the existing code. This has resulted in discord among the community members of AngularJS 2.0. The developers have already declared that some features of Angular 2.0 will be approached in a manner different from the usual. This implies that the current code bases will be required to undergo a lot of conversion for upgrade.

Also, at times the framework documentation might seem insufficient which makes even 1.x development a challenge. Hence, you have to decide if it is sensible to wait for Angular JS 2.0 even though the release dates are going on getting postponed. Waiting furthermore might halt the progress of your application and may not seem to be the right option for your application.

Every web development framework comes with pros and cons. With some frameworks you interchange performance for readibility wherein for others you interchange code complexity for data fidelity. Prior to selecting one framework, it is important for you to gain an understanding about the pros and cons of each web framework.

In this blog post, we have listed some of the shortcomings of Angular JS 2.0. However, it is important to note here that some of the deficiencies are associated directly with the complex nature of underlying concepts rather than with the shortcomings in functionality. To be able to take the right decision you need to go through the benefits of Angular JS.

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