Latest Trends in the Field of Mobile Application Development

Today’s market is so competitive with many apps and mobile developers. The work of these developers can be separated in three categories: bad, good and brilliant. It is obvious that everyone would love the last category, but it’s not that easy to reach here. In today’s hi tech society it is not just enough to build a great app but also satisfy the customers requirement attached to it.

A brilliant mobile application development should be undertaken considering the latest trends in the field, that are essential for boosting their business and for reaching out to a wider audience.

MobileConnecting the Back- End Systems

The demand for this feature is increasing day by day. For example: if a person is doing online shopping from his desktop and is yet to place the final order; for some reason he had to leave the house; still no worries; he can place the order using his mobile app. But if the app does not have a shopping cart, it becomes a useless product.

Therefore the app must be capable of performing the same functions as that of a desktop website. They must be connected through an account that syncs the devices.

Higher Security

People use mobile phone for different purpose like business, games and entertainment. All apps are in one place and have access to same sensitive information. So apps must have a high level security but at the same time it must not be so secured which cannot function with free public WiFi and are unable to export the files into the PC.

Use Cloud Benefits

Apps become useless if they cannot share or manage the data from the main base. In order to manage and share data developers should take the benefits of cloud which helps to keep the speed and still connect the back end systems.

Fully Mobile

The app should be designed in a way that it is fully mobile; which means it can replace each and every desktop operation. The main aim behind this is to create a product which will cover all actions, completely independent of a desktop PC.

Additional Mobility

The 21st century people expect a mobile phone to replace other things as well, other than a PC. They want their smart gadget to do everything.  For instance, a taxi booking app is developed; now can this transmit the user’s location? Your product is excellent if the answer is “yes”. If it does not meet the high standards of the customer it will lose its existence.

Employ API’s

Mobile application development is a tough work. The developer has to keep up to the mark to the new systems and devices. An app cannot be successful if it is does not work on all the models of smart phones.

The best and the smartest solution are to make use of the API’s. This will relieve you from storing lots of data and give ease in retrieving them from old records. The security is maintained and at the same time it becomes more efficient.

Business or Consumer Apps?

Business apps generate more money than consumer apps. This is because local people will not invest in a paid mobile app when a free equivalent app does the same thing.

On the other hand entrepreneurs pay a good amount for whatever products aid them to be more efficient and productive.

Serve the Right Needs

Usually 1 out 4 apps that are downloaded is never used again. This is because of various reasons like the app wasn’t that useful, it didn’t keep up with the modern technology, the features were not updated.

If the apps don’t meet the needs of the users demand they become redundant. In order to keep the app running the developer should pay attention to the final purpose and capacity of the product. The execution is very important.

Role Based App

The app developers develop their app keeping in mind a certain audience. But in the process they get carried away load the product with chaotic features. They should keep in mind that the final product is 100% role based.

Content Quality and Marketing Strategy

The users need high quality information and pay attention to every phrase. Anything that looks off the track is immediately replaced. So giving high quality content and creating a solid marketing plan will give popularity to the app and will be high sold.


Mobile application development is more demanding these days, focusing on the above points will make a brilliant app.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is working with Potenza Global Solutions from the past two years. He has a passion for technology and also loves gaining knowledge about new technology tools. He likes blogging the information he has gained both through research and practical experience. He shares with his audience wonderful insights on the impact of technology changes


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