Increase Your Sales On Social Media With Top 5 Tips

Nowadays selling something on social media is very much in trend as compared to the previous years. Social media selling, today, has gained a great height in the sales industry. In fact it is one of the best ways to increase your product sales. Once you enter the world of social selling, there is no looking back as it gets you more customers as well as sales.

Now, the main obstacle in the way of all the sales teams is the tracking of ROI of your efforts made to sell your product on social media. If that point brings you to doubt and you that know any such methods which can turn your customer relationships into revenues then believe me, you are not the only one in the queue. There are many others who are sailing in the same boat as that of yours and here we are to help you solve this issue. In the article below, we will not only be discussing tips to bring up your social selling product.

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1. Categorize your leads in a document

When you find a customer on your social media profile, it may be difficult for you to decide the after conversation process. Selling on social media is a very new concept and a very few of us have good knowledge of how to go about it. So instead of thinking what to do after a conversation with your potential customer, sit and document the conversations which you have had and categorize your customers according to their needs. This is the best way to track the rapport you share with your customers.

2. Use social profiles of your potential customer to collect important details

A strong relationship can only be built when you know the complete detail of your customer. For this you need to take a deep look at the social profiles of your social customers and make note of the minutest detail of that customer which you think is important to you. Note all their activities, their interests, their activeness on the social media, their likes and dislikes, etc., and make use of these details in your future conversations.

3. See where your customer stands in the buying process

You should see how involved your customer is in the buying process so that you can understand his stand in the process better. Keep tracking the activities of your leads on their social media profile. Check the frequency of your conversation and the nature of their queries. How interested they are in your product and how much knowledge do they have about it. When you are able to answer these questions only then you will be able to help your customers in the best way possible.

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4. Provide content relevant to the customer needs

When you have done your bit of deciding your customer’s position in your sales track, now it’s your turn to provide them with content which is relevant and useful to them and caters their needs. This is necessary in order to help them take a final decision about buying the product.

Providing enough and relevant content to your customers is very important because studies have shown that before buying a product, 82% of the buyers prefer to take a look at other similar product content before narrowing down to one. With the help of your marketing team prepare content which will be of help to your customers while buying the product.

5. Make your customer service quick and responsive

Your sales automatically increase when your customers’ queries are answered in time. When you have an effective customer service, your customer will surely end up spending more with your company than expected. But many companies do not take advantage of this and do not pay much attention to their customer support. Most of the queries are left unanswered which leaves a bad impression of the company on the customer.

Cater the problems of your customer and remember to follow up to know whether their problem is resolved or not. Do this until the customers are fully satisfied with your service.

Today, Social media is one of an effective tool to increase sales and brand awareness. If you want to improve visibility of your website or products then contact us and get affordable services.


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