Top 6 Ingenious Ways Of Using Trends For The Most Attractive Web Design

Fashion industry is always buzzing with new trendy things coming and going now and then. Parallel to this web design trends also keep emerging and fading. However, there are a few picky ones that are the nitty-gritty by the fundamentals, for instance the presence of a responsive web design. Trends may keep changing from carousels to flat designs.

Practically, in the real world, when you are seeking to fulfill your business objectives with the support system of a website then definitely you will look to follow the trend that seamlessly goes with your goal. On the other side, you should ponder upon what helps you make your website look fascinating and wonderful, which will significantly engage more visitors.


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BEWARE! If you are blindly following the ongoing trends because these will fade away in less time. So, keeping these things in mind, our team of responsive web designers has brought here some trends that you should know before incorporating them into your website.


These days more and more websites are highly using Carousels due to its attractiveness. Developers simply cut down the mess and create the website that is visually engaging. However, there are some of the drawbacks which this web design trend comes with.

  • Images of the website with high resolution, which have not been optimized result into slowing the website due to lot of loading time of the web page. This adversely affects the performance of the website. Moreover, excessive usage of jQuery or JavaScript can also be a factor in lowering the website’s performance.
  • In order to make Carousels search engine friendly, special attention has to be taken.
  • Sometimes, integrating Carousels in web page develops multiple accessibility issues that cannot be resolved completely even with the help of the best frameworks available in the market.

Excessive JavaScript Effects

Everywhere, whether it is for desktop or smartphone responsive web design, JavaScript is in high demand nowadays. This is the factor to develop the most attractive and beautiful designed website working clumsily. Only the selected few visitors will be there to stand by until the website loads, which is considerably slow.

Among the most efficient languages, JavaScript is the one that can provide the highly operational results required by the end users. It supports web designers into developing dynamic and enticing load screens integrating high end trendy elements, which are responsible for advanced functionality.

There are numerous JavaScript frameworks and libraries that are available these days for example Backbone.js, Knockout.js and Angular.js. Nevertheless, if you are not aware of some of the negative effects of incorporating unnecessary JavaScript into a website, then have a look into the below points.

  • Heavy usage of JavaScript can negatively affect the page load time on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Under optimized JavaScript code is a reason to increase the page load time.
  • Search engine algorithm does not accept JavaScript, and thus the content is fetched dynamically through JavaScript, which can be missing from search engine indexing.

Hamburger Menu

From the age of Neolithic, now we have entered into the age of technology and sophisticated palmtops. Added to this, advanced smartphones are highly becoming popular across the continents. Web designers are now looking to simplify the navigation and utilizing Hamburger Menu to conceal it. Although, this menu is highly considered for responsive web design, it is also been ridiculed by many.

This trend is not just constricted to responsive websites for smartphones but has also slipped into website designs for desktops. Most web designers and developers build websites including a navigational drawer across the website, whether it is for mobile or desktop. Such types of designs wrap up the global navigation in the pervasive Hamburger Menu, streamlining the major aspects of the website with much sleeker and cleaner look for easy and fast browsing.

Though such websites are highly preferred by ordinary viewers, this trend is highly risky for eCommerce and news websites.


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Parallax scrolling

Nowadays, lots of web designers are using Parallax Scrolling in web development. This is a unique technique through which the content on the front end and the back end is allowed to roll at segregated speeds. Nevertheless, it is highly used for better effects but it truly has some of the loopholes.

  • When using Parallax Scrolling, you need to take special care of positioning the content for SEO as many sites are single page and there leaves no room for content arrangement.
  • Additionally, heavy JavaScript and graphics badly hamper the performance of the website by taking too much time to load and unloaded most of the times. Specially on mobiles, page loading time is really bad making the viewers frustrated leaving a negative effect.

Flat Design

For majority of the websites, flat design work wonders because of its compatibility with several other trending design styles like material design, minimalism and responsive web design.

Let us get little deeper to find the benefits of integrating a flat design in your website:

  • Simple Typography: Making use of simple typefaces with a flat design will ensure that each and every text throughout the website comes out to be clearly legible and decipherable.
  • Vivacious Color Schemes: Properly utilizing vibrant color schemes in the website designs helps make User Interface frameworks and templates look wonderful and fascinating.
  • Minimalism: This supports in developing a user interface that looks exclusive and uncluttered simply by breaking down on several elements.
  • Ghost Buttons: One of the basic components of flat designs Ghost Buttons significantly lower the user distraction.

Material Design

If your aim is to build a web page that would turn your imagination into reality for the viewers to cherish, then Material Design is your perfect pick. Launched by Google, this is an innovative style that effectively makes use of shadow effects along with various impressions of movement and depth to allow users to get realistic experience.

Making the best use of Material Design would assists you design and develop a website with cleaner and futuristic design that focuses seamlessly on UX. Though there are strong critics in design aesthetic of Google, Material Design has its own position and favored as the most trending web design.

Material Design offers simpler look which is most probably similar to Flat Design, again which is also a current web design trend. However, lest a pure flat design, more depth is seen through Material Design due to the use of shadows and depth.

Well, if you are not a professional web designer with responsive web design skills, then there is nothing to worry. Because, for owning a trendy site, we are here to help you, just contact or call us.

A GOOD DESIGNER is a planner with an AESTHETIC sense.


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