White Hat SEO Helps You Get Into Google’s Good Books

Grey cells jumbling, fingers crossed, tensed nerves and teeth gritting with all anxiety, tension and anger – when Google rolls out its yet another algorithm.

Google’s update comes now and then and within a short notice or no prior notice and ALAS! When it finally roles out, huge rushes happen with some ups and downs. And, every time this happens, the search engine optimization expert has that gut feeling that something wanna come in the way with lots of turmoil and would require a lot more to work upon. Well, in reality, this is not true for most of the SEO specialists as they scare less of these updates and on the contrary, are happy to welcome the fresh update.


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Well, the truth is the fear comes to those SEOs who use all those bad tactics that are of no use in improving visitor’s search experience. It is all about not using any real thing with value and just manipulating Google through hidden tricks, and this is the big reason where you need to be all scared.

  • White Hat SEO Works with Google and Clients

For SEOs, it is a huge amount of task to be done for their clients. As the work is infinite, it is always in their strategy to prioritize the tasks. They make out the high impact activities with long run results and focus on them.
A good SEO finds out those high value activities through

  • Prior knowledge
  • Google’s guidelines
  • Client’s capabilities
  • White Hat SEO knows Google’s Guidelines

It is always easy to find the priorities with the help of Google’s Guidelines. Internet marketers should have the knowledge of webmaster guidelines along with the guide of search engine optimization.

With the help of these guidelines, priorities can be easily and quickly pointed out – just look at the table of contents. An intense reading of these two guides help you clear out many of the misconceptions and insecurities such that the gray areas should be minimal.
Another great resource – Google’s Webmaster Channel is good for answering some of your uncertainties. We are not saying this is your holy grail but surely it can solve most of search related queries and clears out what is wrong and what is right.

  • White Hat SEO are well aware of their Client’s capabilities

Knowing the business of a client and what its aim, is the crucial thing every SEM should do. For instance, if your client already has an in-house PR team, then it would be easier for you to coordinate with this team for some of the offline SEO activities.

Understanding your client’s potential can also help in figuring out the strategy. Check out whether the client is interested in increasing the volume of the leads or simply wants to improve the quality of their web presence.

The main thing is to understand your client’s objectives and how they are helpful in developing an SEO campaign and deliver the best quality leads.


Image Source :- positionly.com

  • White Hat SEO stays Updated on the Industry Trends

With every Google update, it provides the clear picture of what should be prioritize. It usually takes weeks, months or years to shake it out, but it is always there.

So what is the secret behind predicting these updates? Always keep a watch on industry news – search engine land, Search Engine Watch, etc., listen to industry discussion and always keep in mind Google’s “Ten Things We Know to be True.”

Working on the trends and patterns that materialize through these updates can help you prepare for the next big thing that comes through Google update.


Wrapping up the things we can say that black hat SEO will never totally vanish from the virtual world. But surely these bad internet marketers will use illicit techniques for which the clients always have to pay the huge when the updates roll out.

Nevertheless, in the last few years, there has been a dramatic positive wave in the industry and hope that we can continue to see that for the better results. Enhancing the user experience and enlightening clients about SEO is an impactful way to be safe from red listing into the Google’s naughty list.

This is just a simplification of big SEO issues that the agencies and web sites owners face. We can’t say that Google is all perfect; there is every possibility of mistakes. However, if you really want to have a sound sleep without any nightmare of crashing down of page ranks, every time a Penguin, Panda or any other update comes, then dismiss those shortcuts and put in some quality and honest work.

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