8 Important Things To Be Included While Designing Event WordPress Website

A website of any company speaks for what the company is about and what it serves to its audience. WordPress is used by more than 25% people in the world to develop and advance their websites.

Moreover, websites are the most preferred and realistic approach to endorse any type of event such as conference meetings, concerts and seminars. It is a practical way to create interest among the targeted audience along with the publicity of the event details. You should consider the below 8 points while creating a website.


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1. Responsive Design: Now-a-days, people use different type of devices to visit your domain. So to guarantee consistent user experience on your site, you should select a responsive event WordPress theme.

2. Event – Specific Content Management: WordPress provides plug-ins to ease and personify the web development phase. The plug-ins reduces the complex coding and the time otherwise consumed in it. The various types of content on your webpage can be managed simply by applying already available layouts and designs with the help of WordPress Custom Post Types.

3. Strong Branding- Every successful website has a strong branding strategy behind it. Along with look and feel of the website which attracts the target audience, its logo, font size, color schemes and font style also plays a very important role to hold the visitors on it.

4. Venue and speaker Information Management- It is important to select a design which wholly matches to your thought for an event- based WordPress Theme. It should not be without any unplanned sessions or speakers. Instead, make sure to store and schedule the format in the same the way as it is going to be held during the event.

5. Video & Images- Images on the webpage gives clarity to the visitors about the type of event. Not only this, videos and images relevant to the subject make the website more appealing and engaging to the visitors. Below is the example of type of images you can include-

  • Previously held events
  • Acts of the event
  • Popular faces that attended the event
  • Team
  • Venue

A quality video which includes the tour to your event venue can also be attached.

6. Date, Time and Location

For the attendees to keep a track of time left to the event, you can add a count-down clock. Sometimes, attendees find it difficult to locate the location of the event. To solve this issue, WordPress development provides an option to embed a Google Map. This map can simplify the needs of your attendees by locating nearest event to them and by checking the availability at the specific dates.

7. Social Media Sharing- The immense popularity of the social media as a publicity tool, it is quite clear that it could be used to take the popularity of your event to another level. It can be helpful to increase the traffic on your website, increasing the followers count and increase in number of posts shared. This could expand the outreach of your event along with keeping the followers and attendees updated.

8.Payment Gateways- The prospective attendees always want a one stop solution to register for an event. You should integrate your website with some trusted payment gateway, for example – Paypal or Stripe. This eases the sign up as well as payment process.


The most important of all things that should be stressed on when designing an event website is its theme. The theme should match with the objective of your organization or company.  If you want to develop quality and attractive wordpress themes then wordpress development by potenza Global Solutions is the best option for you.


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