How To Create And Design An Outstanding WordPress Blog

If you are looking to create a WordPress blog and reach a wider audience in your target group, you need to put in the best of your efforts to optimize your blog. This will propel towards having a better reach than your other counterparts, writing in the same niche as you. There will always be myriad other bloggers who will be popular than you are but it is the overall experience that will ultimately bring them back to your blog. Even if you are a subject matter expert, presentation of your skills is the deal breaker.


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Choosing quality over quantity:

You might have new readers with each new post you publish. Ensure that it is a well researched and comprehensive. This will leave a great first impression and people will come back for more. One lengthy and informative post works well than five different snippets on the same topic. Readers will lose the continuity with too many hyperlinks or short posts. The attention span has relatively come down, so the data that you present needs to be accurate. This will give your target audience the confidence to come back to your blog for genuine information.

Having an appropriate blog layout:

This is a very tricky, but pivotal aspect of your Custom WordPress development. There are hundreds of exciting themes and layouts available, but pay attention to the end result. It needs to be functional and easy to navigate within the blog. The text and background images need to complement each other without hindering the reading experience. The quality of your content could be top notch, but if basics take a hit, readers will be on the lookout for better blogs almost instantaneously.

Make it your narrative:

There is no cap on the number of websites providing information on every niche topic in any given domain. People visit blogs specifically to understand your take on the subject and in a way look for deconstructed yet simple flow of data. This is your home, set your tone and make it your narrative while giving the information they are looking for. It needs to represent your values, taste and informed opinion. You don’t need to necessarily hoard your blog and posts with unsolicited private details, photographs or memes but a personal touch is what readers look forward to.

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Propel your readers in the right direction:

More often than not, writers try to make their posts as entertaining as possible. It is definitely a great thing to incorporate however it takes more than just than to build a loyal audience and increase genuine subscribers. You need to leave them with an urge to revisit your website for anything worthwhile and may be having it bookmarked. Give them something to ponder on or things to do. Incorporate tutorials or give away which will be a value add for your readers, you give some to get something. This will resonate your expertise to people reading your posts.

Don’t bombard your viewers with extensive calls of action or clutter the site. Your blog or site does not have to scream professionalism unless you are trying to promote products and services. If your site is not purely for business, keep it simple and focus on the subject matter. The reason people chose blogs over Wikipedia or any other generic website is to get an understanding of views and opinions of actual people who have a grip on the subject. They look for the pulse of the writer and connect with the personality from the style of writing. This is your space to project your unique traits, attributes and values, make the best of this with your blog. It is your home ground and your little real estate in the virtual world, make the most of it. Try and reflect the best of your personality in those few minutes. Every post is crucial and it might lead them to reading other interesting links and explore your site a little. Generate that curiosity in readers, while at it makes sure you collect feedback. Keep your feedback forms, crisp but concise. Let your readers know that your value their suggestions by responding and incorporating the same.


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