Top 4 Ways To Convert WordPress Theme Based Website Into Multilingual

The digital presence of the businesses increases their penetration into the market and enhance the customer base. But, in the world, several countries come in, where people communicate in different languages. In the digital world also, people prefer to read, browse and acquire the content in their native languages, which compound the problem as different websites cannot be created for varied geographic nations.

Here, multilingual websites help, which increase the market opportunities by allowing the users to consume the content in their native language. But, how about the websites that are built using responsive WordPress templates. How would the translation become possible?

Don’t fret! There are a lot of multipurpose WordPress themes which provides all the tools needed to develop the website with multiple language mutations. Although the translations are added right into theme templates, but how the website can be translated on the home domain easily. That’s the question.

How to translate your multilingual WordPress theme

The four ways to create multilingual websites with business WordPress themes is rounded up that will definitely answer the question. They are:

  • WPML plugin

The universal plugin can be used with any WordPress theme through which the WP admin can be easily translated, but manually. By importing .PO files, all the tools can be converted into the preferred languages. In the .PO files, the text, strings, and language translation are stored.

The premium plugin is highly leveraged due to the vast array of options it offers during translation. Using the plugin, you need to first translate the post, then metadata, attachments, featured images, widgets, and menus consecutively.

  • Multilingual theme plugin

Many WordPress themes come with built-in multilingual support. The translation plugin available in the WordPress theme can be leveraged to convert the website content into various languages. The plugin gets regular updates and fully compatible with the website to enable the translation without messing with .PO files.

The automated translation in 26 different languages alleviates the need to manually handle the .PO files or translation outside the WordPress admin.

  • Machine translation

The websites that are having less content can use the machine translation tools like- Google translator because going through the lengthy process of plugin makes no sense to them. But, the machine translation becomes poor choice when the content has to be translated into local languages.

The poor quality translation can create conflicts and put the business online repo at the stake. The accurate translation is a must to increase the business outreach in a specific country. Consider this option prudently.

Note: Completely relying on the Google translation is not a good practice as Google penalizes the websites for inaccurate translation or content duplication.

  • Human translation

Human translation is a long process and costs dollars, but it guarantees that the content won’t lose its creative idea and retain the flavor of original content. This type of translation is qualitative, precise and accurate, and add appeal to the target user base.

For this, the translation work is outsourced to the companies that have a proficient and qualified team of translators who provides the content translation anytime, the businesses want.

Closing words

The professional WordPress themes packed with an integrated multilingual system which translates the entire website in no time. Also, there are a lot of options available that enable the translation on-the-fly.

The Corps Multi-purpose WordPress theme is extended with multilingual functionality, which allows the businesses to create the website in several languages wherein the theme admin panel, post types, elements, widgets, page builder, settings and site administration can be done in any language without needing to get mess with .PO files.

End the hassle of manual translation, and get the website built and ready for your customer’s use with Corps theme.


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