Create Bestseller iOS Apps using 9 Effectual guidelines

The uses of smartphones and mobile applications have seen a tremendous transformation over the last few years. These days, the applications have been looked upon more as a utility that helps you perform your routine chores at your fingertips. These easy to use and swift applications allow the users and the designers to unleash the whole lot of potential of smartphone device.

Despite the stringent rubrics, iOS has been one of the most popular digital dissemination platforms worldwide for iPhone application development with over 1.5 million exclusive apps in its kitty. The iPhone app developer encounters different challenges in iOS app development phases.

In order to go through a crinkle free development process, here are few vital points that a mobile app development company should take into consideration while initiating the iOS app development process.

9 resourceful guidelines for developing ios app

1) Conceptualize your idea

When you design an iOS application, focus on what the app shall be used for and try to anticipate the features which a user would be searching for.  Having culled the right pathway for the app, a developer saves significant of time that helps the mobile app development company earn high profits by getting the app listed in the shortest span of time.

2) Smart Analysis

A Smart analysis and thorough research should be carried out to accentuate on the pros and cons of the iPhone app development process. Accumulating the technical prerequisites can help analyze the market potential for your app. It helps to keep tabs on your competitors as well as similar apps prevalent in the market.

3) Designing of Wire-frames

Wire-frames are an assortment of images, portraying the user options as well as the elements used for creating the structure and the performance of the app. Once finalized, the developer freezes all of the feasible screens to be developed for your app prior to wire-framing.

4) Engaging Design

During the development stage, the developer needs to emphasize on the judicial use of graphic intensive resources and animations.  A developer should aim at creating an engaging design for a successful app by embedding both a perceptive user interface and enthralling user experience.

5) Architectural Layout of the Software

Prior to the initiation of the development process, the developers ascertain whether the proposed architecture of the software is sturdy and scalable for the mobile app development. This process takes alongside the designing process. A core principle of iPhone app development, Model view controller paradigm (MVC) is fragmented into data, software and the user interfaces.

6) Efficient Integration of Front-End & Back-End Development

A successful app is an integrated action of both the front-end and the back-end developers. As the development of engaging UI designs and prototypes is of high importance, the formation of the back end structure and the adaptation of the software to enhance the user experience are also of great significance

7) Application Testing

Developing an iPhone application is never deemed complete if it has not been tested on the real time platform. The ultimate objective of the app developer is to publish the app on the App Store. Known for its arduous App Review Guidelines, Apple Store has a high app rejection level. Due to this tough submission process, it becomes crucial for the developer to review the functionality of each screen to eliminate any chances of rejection. The different stages of testing include but not limited to usability testing, Performance testing, Security and compliance test, device testing etc.

8) Submitting App to the App Store

When you are ready with your app, the next step will be to submit the app to the App Store. There is an array of steps that need to be pursued in order to submit your app to the store. Here’s a step-by-step guide which a developer needs to follow the submission process.

 Generate an app Id
√ Generate an iOS distribution provisioning profile and distribution certificate
Setting up of build settings in Xcode
Generate an App Store Listing
Prepare a Release Build package
Complete Information on the version
Submit the Version for Review
Release of the App for sale

9) Regular Updates to Your App

The process of development does not get concluded upon the successful release of your app.  Instead, the mobile app development company is required to be prepared for the maintenance of the app, resolving bugs, incorporating innovative features in the form of newer version updates benefits them to maintain an inveterate relationships between your applications and its users. Demand for a regular review or feedback about the app from the users and integrate them in the upcoming versions of the app.

With the aid of resourceful guidelines of an app development process, iPhone app developers can proficiently create a successful app.


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