Major Challenges iOS Developers Encounter with Developmental Trends

Apple has brought a great shift in the mobile industry in 2007, with its great compatibility and operating system. To reach the level of satisfaction of its customers, the company brings upgrades in the software almost every year. With the recent launch of the iOS 11, Apple is giving a tough competition to its rivals.

In the recent times, mobile applications are the most important element of a smartphone. But with the high restrictions with the iOS operating systems, it comes as a difficulty to develop an application easily compatible to the gadget.

Here are some of the challenges developers come across while developing an application or game for the iOS operating system.

4. Major Challenges that IOS Developers Encounter with latest Developmental Trends

1) Compatibility of the application

The compatibility is not a concern for the app developers with Apple but it doesn’t sound that easy. With the upgrade of operating systems every year, it is a tedious task for the app developer to stay aligned with the upgrade. If the application is developed according to the newer versions of the operating systems it will attract more users.

The developer must also keep this in mind that the application is compatible with other iOS devices. Apart from that the concern also lays on the compatibility of the application with every apple devices thus it requires a device test to detect the problem.

2) Limitations on memory and storage

Another challenge for the developer is the memory and storage of a device. Every device has a storage restriction and heavy applications consume a lot of memory.  Thus, even if the application supports the latest iOS version the user will not be able to use that app.

3) iOS Apple Store approval

Developing the application is not the last resort because you need approval from the iOS Apple store to launch the application. There are rules and regulations set by Apple store and the developer has to keep them in mind to avoid getting rejected.  The developer also has to stay up to date as the regulations change time to time.

4) Battery Life

There are some applications which consume a lot of battery that ends with the app getting uninstalled. The audiences often get disappointed with the applications which consume a huge amount of battery. Thus the developer has to create the application which consumes less battery and performs better.

5) Network challenges

The poor network will not be a major concern unless the app is used to stream videos. The speed of the internet will cause a major issue and disrupt the quality of the video. Thus developers have to come up with an idea to create less disruption in the quality of the video. Applications like Netflix have developed with the automatic video quality settings when there is a poor network connection.

6) App Security

Apart from all the challenges coming up in developing an application, security comes as the most concerned factor. The developer has to create a strong layer of security while developing the application. An application holds the data of the user and thus it is a great responsibility on the app developer to create security to prevent hacking.

7) Beta Testing

The Beta Testing is an integral part in the process of app development. It gives an idea about the performance of the app and optimal methods to improve the app. The developer gets an aspect to test whether the app is functioning well or not. It is also helpful in finding bugs in the application and helps in finding ways to improve them for better performance.

8) User Interface

Creating a user-friendly interface will be an accomplishment for the app developers. iOS devices are very likable among the audience due to its clean design concept and great user experience. The major challenge for the developer comes to create an attractive user interface with using the screen space optimally.  Thus managing the screen space and developing the application in the limited size is a tedious task for the developer.

The iOS developers have to deal with a lot of challenges apart from these on a daily basis. They have to keep themselves updated and change their thinking capacity according to the latest versions of iOS operating systems.

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