10 awesome tips to make Video Marketing Super Successful

With superfast internet and smartphones being easily accessible, people are reading or viewing large amounts of information. In the sea of information, it often becomes difficult for digital marketers to stand out with their client’s product.

Lately, Video content is grabbing lots of attention. Cisco report forecasts that by 2019, 80% of web traffic will be video. Many digital marketing service providers are suggesting companies to opt for Video marketing.  With video marketing growing as a strong promotional tool of the future it is must to understand, how it can be super successful. Although it’s no rocket science, but making mistakes in video marketing can result in doing more harm than good.

Read on to know the awesome tips for making super successful video marketing:

10 awesome tips to make Video Marketing Super Successful

1) Pinpoint on customers need and desires

When you make a video, make it about the customers and not about selling the product or service. Instead of telling how amazing the product is; make a video which narrates a story. Highlight the needs and desires of the customer and then state how the product will be of use to them.

Remember aggressive branding makes audience to ignore the video altogether.

2) Appealing thumbnail

As appealing title is necessary in content marketing, an appealing thumbnail is similarly necessary to have in video marketing. It should evoke curiosity for audience to click , but should not be a click bait as well.

An attractive snapshot of your product or a zoomed in face of a person featuring in video or something which shows strong emotions can be a good idea for making an appealing thumbnail.

3) Short and sweet

People these days want instant gratification, with so many videos to watch they switch to next video immediately. It is found that one fifth viewers click away from video in first 10 seconds. Hence it is necessary to grab attention in first five seconds, Viewer must understand in a glance that what’s in it for them.

4) Hint of Humor

With so many videos uploaded daily, viewers have become very demanding. They want to learn, be entertained or be influenced. Hence a boring video will definitely be ignored. Make your video entertaining, a hint of humor can make it go viral

5) Search optimized

Tag your description well and write a simple, concise, understandable content in the description box. The description and tagging you do will make video appear in the search. Contact a SEO service provider which can help you better with the task.

6) Value addition

Apart from being entertained, audience likes to learn. Most of us are visual learners; to be precise 65% of us learn better if information is demonstrated visually. Digital marketing team should focus on making a video which tells customers how their product can help them, ways to use the product or one can also add testimonials from customers.

7) Targeting relevant mass

Facebook now allows you to customize your posts; you can target audience of different interests, location and age group.  When digital marketing team knows the target audience well the video is ought to go viral.

8) Sound or no sound

Do you know 85% of Facebook videos are seen in mute. It is hence suggested not to depend totally on sound and dialogues of the video. Make it easily graspable even without sound. Add a rich text or subtitle.

Also a totally silent video isn’t that good either, create a good balance, adding an ambient music suiting well with the tone of the video will do wonders.

9) Call of Action

What you want the audience to do after watching the video, you want them to purchase item? You want them to share your video? You want them to visit your website. Well then give them links for doing so. Add it in your video either in the mid of video or at the end.

10 ) Involve Influencers

Well this is no brainer, including someone of high repute in the concerned field will make your video more powerful.

Now you have your 10 simple steps which can be your secret sauce for a super successful video marketing .


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