Top 4 Ways To Convert WordPress Theme Based Website Into Multilingual

The digital presence of the businesses increases their penetration into the market and enhance the customer base. But, in the world, several countries come in, where people communicate in different languages. In the digital world also, people prefer to read, browse and acquire the content in their native languages, which compound the problem as different websites cannot be created for varied geographic nations.

Here, multilingual websites help, which increase the market opportunities by allowing the users to consume the content in their native language. But, how about the websites that are built using responsive WordPress templates. How would the translation become possible?

Don’t fret! There are a lot of multipurpose WordPress themes which provides all the tools needed to develop the website with multiple language mutations. Although the translations are added right into theme templates, but how the website can be translated on the home domain easily. That’s the question.

How to translate your multilingual WordPress theme

The four ways to create multilingual websites with business WordPress themes is rounded up that will definitely answer the question. They are:

  • WPML plugin

The universal plugin can be used with any WordPress theme through which the WP admin can be easily translated, but manually. By importing .PO files, all the tools can be converted into the preferred languages. In the .PO files, the text, strings, and language translation are stored.

The premium plugin is highly leveraged due to the vast array of options it offers during translation. Using the plugin, you need to first translate the post, then metadata, attachments, featured images, widgets, and menus consecutively.

  • Multilingual theme plugin

Many WordPress themes come with built-in multilingual support. The translation plugin available in the WordPress theme can be leveraged to convert the website content into various languages. The plugin gets regular updates and fully compatible with the website to enable the translation without messing with .PO files.

The automated translation in 26 different languages alleviates the need to manually handle the .PO files or translation outside the WordPress admin.

  • Machine translation

The websites that are having less content can use the machine translation tools like- Google translator because going through the lengthy process of plugin makes no sense to them. But, the machine translation becomes poor choice when the content has to be translated into local languages.

The poor quality translation can create conflicts and put the business online repo at the stake. The accurate translation is a must to increase the business outreach in a specific country. Consider this option prudently.

Note: Completely relying on the Google translation is not a good practice as Google penalizes the websites for inaccurate translation or content duplication.

  • Human translation

Human translation is a long process and costs dollars, but it guarantees that the content won’t lose its creative idea and retain the flavor of original content. This type of translation is qualitative, precise and accurate, and add appeal to the target user base.

For this, the translation work is outsourced to the companies that have a proficient and qualified team of translators who provides the content translation anytime, the businesses want.

Closing words

The professional WordPress themes packed with an integrated multilingual system which translates the entire website in no time. Also, there are a lot of options available that enable the translation on-the-fly.

The Corps Multi-purpose WordPress theme is extended with multilingual functionality, which allows the businesses to create the website in several languages wherein the theme admin panel, post types, elements, widgets, page builder, settings and site administration can be done in any language without needing to get mess with .PO files.

End the hassle of manual translation, and get the website built and ready for your customer’s use with Corps theme.


7 Things That Makes Your Mobile App Fail

This is a mobile era where every business is racing in the mobilization race to improve the work flow, optimize the business processes and get the customer’s attention. The urge of mobilizing the user’s journey has fueled up the mobile application development across the world.

Why Mobile Apps Failed_

It is estimated that the number of hours spent daily in the mobile app development by the developers is nearly equal to the number of hours the customers spend in using the mobile apps.

It indicates that the mobile app usage is also growing at a steady pace with showing no sign of getting slow-down. That’s the reason, now, there are so many mobile apps in the market of various genres serving the different purpose that just name it and you have it.

But, it doesn’t mean any app engineered by the mobile app developers would stand high on the user experience ladder. Even, there are so many mobile apps which get rejected by the app store when uploaded.

All the time, the developers are not in charge of the app rejection because the app rejection either by the app store or users depends upon several factors that need to be considered before launching or making the app to the app store.

Let’s dig deep what are the elements that hinder the app’s success and make it face a big failure:

  • Absence of fundamentals

Including rich functionalities in the app is good which differentiates the app in the market and easily engage the users. The rich features may bring huge downloads, but if lacking the basic features, then there are less chances that after downloading the app the users would use it for a long duration. Instead, they will soon uninstall the app.

  • UI is not user-centric

The user interface design actually defines the users’ journey through the mobile app. It can be smooth or become a roller coaster ride, if not engineered keeping the end users in mind. No matter how nicely the elements are put, features are integrated and easy the navigation is made, unless they are not in sync with how users want them to be, all the efforts goes into the vain.

The developers must team up with the end users for beta testing and design the UI keeping main focus over the users so that users will get the seamless experience on the multitude of devices across multiple platforms.

  • No updates after a long run

Publishing the app once with the excellent features won’t end your job. Instead, you need to listen what users think about your app, what changes they expect in the app and what are the bugs need to be fixed. Based on the feedback, bringing updates in the app in the form of bug fixing or what’s new is essential, else the users will get bored and stop using the app.

  • Too many notifications

Informing the users at various stages while using the mobile app through push notifications is good, but it becomes annoying when the notifications are sent too often. It actually starts interfering with the user experience as your app is not the only app that users are having on their mobile app. Ensure that the optimal number of notifications should be sent.

  • Battery drainage

The high mobile battery consumption issue emerges in many mobile apps that’s never overlooked by the users. After installing the app, if the same thing happens, the users take no time in rejecting the app on the grounds of high battery drainage.

  • Security hole

The security always stays at the top of the user’s mind when they download the mobile app and they are never ready to make any compromise with the personal data security. If the app includes any suspicious content or malware which results in data theft, the users abandon the app off the bat. Safeguard your app against any such malicious software.

  • Bombardment of ads

The advertisement is a way to monetize for the businesses, but too many ad’s appearances decreases the mobile app usability and ruins the customer experience as well. The hindrance leads to the app rejection by the users. Maintain a fine balance of the ads pop-up.

Wrapping it up

The mobile app can create a major breakthrough only when it scores high on the user experience and usability. If any of the aforementioned factors exists in the app, then it will not be able to live up to the customers’ expectations. When you join hands with any mobile application development company, make certain they build quality apps leveraging advanced technology and keeping users at the core.

Top 4 Trends for Mobile Apps Development in the Upcoming Year

The upcoming year is almost at our doorsteps and we would be welcoming it with our arms wrapped in blanket with our smartphones and with sweet potion of leftovers of Christmas. With generations increasingly reliant to the extent of being obsessed with app trend, it is going to be a buzz this year as well, be it iOS or android. Let’s have a look at what to expect this coming year.


Upsurge of location based apps:

The LBS (location based services) feature is already on booming demand and with their increasing popularity in digital world; we are going to see more projects with integrated features of LBS in both android and iPhone application development. Now it’s very much possible to use LBS in navigation, travel, retail offers, indoor mapping and location based portals not to forget the security features.

Practical applications of augmented reality and AI technology

We keep on hearing the buzz words like AR, now is the time to see its uses in construction, GPS navigation turn by turn, DIY car repairing cooking etc. AI embedded in apps to become common norm. AI to capture major share of mainstream trends in 2017 and the years of research in the field of machine learning and AI in apps of developers, of mobile application Development Company, might show some light this year in the way industry works.

Emergence of Android as common smartphone in security terms

Coming to mobile fashion, the up trending features of Android are going to become full-fledged medium of mobile communications. In 2017, we can expect more market penetration by Android OS in smartphone and in tablets and other gadgets. Though it is already having 85% share in smartphone market it is expected to gain more. Also, Android applications are going to change the way security works. Security is going to be a key feature of both iPhone application development and Android apps development. With demanding security threats challenging the way technology works, the need is even more as it has become a vital aspect of our rights, with more and more users are demanding secure mobile environment. This has to be considered by mobile application Development Company.

IoT integration will gain mobility

The current year 2016 had been good for IoT acceleration which is prevalent from the fact that more and more things are getting connected to internet via mobility. Other sectors like health, home automation, automobile, education, security are becoming increasingly obsessed with IoT and are inventing new ways to capture this technology, which will become reality or a part of it in 2017.

White Hat SEO Helps You Get Into Google’s Good Books

Grey cells jumbling, fingers crossed, tensed nerves and teeth gritting with all anxiety, tension and anger – when Google rolls out its yet another algorithm.

Google’s update comes now and then and within a short notice or no prior notice and ALAS! When it finally roles out, huge rushes happen with some ups and downs. And, every time this happens, the search engine optimization expert has that gut feeling that something wanna come in the way with lots of turmoil and would require a lot more to work upon. Well, in reality, this is not true for most of the SEO specialists as they scare less of these updates and on the contrary, are happy to welcome the fresh update.


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Well, the truth is the fear comes to those SEOs who use all those bad tactics that are of no use in improving visitor’s search experience. It is all about not using any real thing with value and just manipulating Google through hidden tricks, and this is the big reason where you need to be all scared.

  • White Hat SEO Works with Google and Clients

For SEOs, it is a huge amount of task to be done for their clients. As the work is infinite, it is always in their strategy to prioritize the tasks. They make out the high impact activities with long run results and focus on them.
A good SEO finds out those high value activities through

  • Prior knowledge
  • Google’s guidelines
  • Client’s capabilities
  • White Hat SEO knows Google’s Guidelines

It is always easy to find the priorities with the help of Google’s Guidelines. Internet marketers should have the knowledge of webmaster guidelines along with the guide of search engine optimization.

With the help of these guidelines, priorities can be easily and quickly pointed out – just look at the table of contents. An intense reading of these two guides help you clear out many of the misconceptions and insecurities such that the gray areas should be minimal.
Another great resource – Google’s Webmaster Channel is good for answering some of your uncertainties. We are not saying this is your holy grail but surely it can solve most of search related queries and clears out what is wrong and what is right.

  • White Hat SEO are well aware of their Client’s capabilities

Knowing the business of a client and what its aim, is the crucial thing every SEM should do. For instance, if your client already has an in-house PR team, then it would be easier for you to coordinate with this team for some of the offline SEO activities.

Understanding your client’s potential can also help in figuring out the strategy. Check out whether the client is interested in increasing the volume of the leads or simply wants to improve the quality of their web presence.

The main thing is to understand your client’s objectives and how they are helpful in developing an SEO campaign and deliver the best quality leads.


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  • White Hat SEO stays Updated on the Industry Trends

With every Google update, it provides the clear picture of what should be prioritize. It usually takes weeks, months or years to shake it out, but it is always there.

So what is the secret behind predicting these updates? Always keep a watch on industry news – search engine land, Search Engine Watch, etc., listen to industry discussion and always keep in mind Google’s “Ten Things We Know to be True.”

Working on the trends and patterns that materialize through these updates can help you prepare for the next big thing that comes through Google update.


Wrapping up the things we can say that black hat SEO will never totally vanish from the virtual world. But surely these bad internet marketers will use illicit techniques for which the clients always have to pay the huge when the updates roll out.

Nevertheless, in the last few years, there has been a dramatic positive wave in the industry and hope that we can continue to see that for the better results. Enhancing the user experience and enlightening clients about SEO is an impactful way to be safe from red listing into the Google’s naughty list.

This is just a simplification of big SEO issues that the agencies and web sites owners face. We can’t say that Google is all perfect; there is every possibility of mistakes. However, if you really want to have a sound sleep without any nightmare of crashing down of page ranks, every time a Penguin, Panda or any other update comes, then dismiss those shortcuts and put in some quality and honest work.

Come and visit Potenza Global Solutions for quality Organic SEO services that helps your business to reach at higher level of marketing.

Get Your Grip On The Most Efficient Way To Develop Applications

Ever wondered what could gadgets be if there were not as many applications as we have and can download today? Well, the answer is the gadget would then simply have no or minimal use. The applications are developed for efficient use of technology. The number of applications are many and they all serve a variety of purposes. Some applications are meant for entertainment, while some help the user pay the most important bills, some help in keeping the user connected to the world like the news and current affair applications.

There are many application developers who are constantly bringing about freshness and variety to the world of applications. There are so many applications that have been further developed in order to provide a better experience to the users. However, application development is not an easy task and requires a lot of expertise to do so. There are a few things one needs to keep in mind while designing or developing applications.



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Following are a few points that one should keep in mind while selecting a development and to be able to design and develop great applications.

Make sure to keep up the service: there is enough competition in the mobile industry, therefore, anybody before starting the android application development must make sure that they have all the tools that can help them keep up with all the frequent changes and developments in the operating systems. Like android and iOS keep changing frequently. And any application developer if fails to keep up with the changes then they will not be able to keep their work up.

Prevent debugging: de-bugging will only reduce the efficiency of the work done. So it is very important for the application developer to make sure that the time they save on coding must not be wasted on de- bugging. Instead, they could use their time efficiently to create wonderful applications.

Absolutely important to avoid heavy frameworks: do not choose those application development platforms that are muddy and have heavy frameworks. It is very important to choose the right kind of development platform to create great applications all throughout. Android app development is done frequently as android is one the highly used operating software.

Do not rely on templates: initially, the templates might look like the short cut towards creating your applications as they provide a definite structure. The truth is not as it seems, it is never a good idea to use templates for android app development. Also, templates would not allow the application to be true to its original nature, and applications that are unique are usually highly used.


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Focus on using true and native platforms: while all the various app development platforms might seem to be attractive, but it is best to stick to the native ones as they will help provide speed and reactivity to the application.

Use common language for the development: you need not learn any foreign language to develop applications. You must try to stick to common languages like swift, Java, JavaScript for your application development. The mantra is to keep it simple. The simpler your procedure is, the better are the chances to create and develop an application that would be a hit among the users.

Follow all the above points to be able to develop all the applications like the way you wanted them to.

Top 6 Ingenious Ways Of Using Trends For The Most Attractive Web Design

Fashion industry is always buzzing with new trendy things coming and going now and then. Parallel to this web design trends also keep emerging and fading. However, there are a few picky ones that are the nitty-gritty by the fundamentals, for instance the presence of a responsive web design. Trends may keep changing from carousels to flat designs.

Practically, in the real world, when you are seeking to fulfill your business objectives with the support system of a website then definitely you will look to follow the trend that seamlessly goes with your goal. On the other side, you should ponder upon what helps you make your website look fascinating and wonderful, which will significantly engage more visitors.


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BEWARE! If you are blindly following the ongoing trends because these will fade away in less time. So, keeping these things in mind, our team of responsive web designers has brought here some trends that you should know before incorporating them into your website.


These days more and more websites are highly using Carousels due to its attractiveness. Developers simply cut down the mess and create the website that is visually engaging. However, there are some of the drawbacks which this web design trend comes with.

  • Images of the website with high resolution, which have not been optimized result into slowing the website due to lot of loading time of the web page. This adversely affects the performance of the website. Moreover, excessive usage of jQuery or JavaScript can also be a factor in lowering the website’s performance.
  • In order to make Carousels search engine friendly, special attention has to be taken.
  • Sometimes, integrating Carousels in web page develops multiple accessibility issues that cannot be resolved completely even with the help of the best frameworks available in the market.

Excessive JavaScript Effects

Everywhere, whether it is for desktop or smartphone responsive web design, JavaScript is in high demand nowadays. This is the factor to develop the most attractive and beautiful designed website working clumsily. Only the selected few visitors will be there to stand by until the website loads, which is considerably slow.

Among the most efficient languages, JavaScript is the one that can provide the highly operational results required by the end users. It supports web designers into developing dynamic and enticing load screens integrating high end trendy elements, which are responsible for advanced functionality.

There are numerous JavaScript frameworks and libraries that are available these days for example Backbone.js, Knockout.js and Angular.js. Nevertheless, if you are not aware of some of the negative effects of incorporating unnecessary JavaScript into a website, then have a look into the below points.

  • Heavy usage of JavaScript can negatively affect the page load time on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Under optimized JavaScript code is a reason to increase the page load time.
  • Search engine algorithm does not accept JavaScript, and thus the content is fetched dynamically through JavaScript, which can be missing from search engine indexing.

Hamburger Menu

From the age of Neolithic, now we have entered into the age of technology and sophisticated palmtops. Added to this, advanced smartphones are highly becoming popular across the continents. Web designers are now looking to simplify the navigation and utilizing Hamburger Menu to conceal it. Although, this menu is highly considered for responsive web design, it is also been ridiculed by many.

This trend is not just constricted to responsive websites for smartphones but has also slipped into website designs for desktops. Most web designers and developers build websites including a navigational drawer across the website, whether it is for mobile or desktop. Such types of designs wrap up the global navigation in the pervasive Hamburger Menu, streamlining the major aspects of the website with much sleeker and cleaner look for easy and fast browsing.

Though such websites are highly preferred by ordinary viewers, this trend is highly risky for eCommerce and news websites.


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Parallax scrolling

Nowadays, lots of web designers are using Parallax Scrolling in web development. This is a unique technique through which the content on the front end and the back end is allowed to roll at segregated speeds. Nevertheless, it is highly used for better effects but it truly has some of the loopholes.

  • When using Parallax Scrolling, you need to take special care of positioning the content for SEO as many sites are single page and there leaves no room for content arrangement.
  • Additionally, heavy JavaScript and graphics badly hamper the performance of the website by taking too much time to load and unloaded most of the times. Specially on mobiles, page loading time is really bad making the viewers frustrated leaving a negative effect.

Flat Design

For majority of the websites, flat design work wonders because of its compatibility with several other trending design styles like material design, minimalism and responsive web design.

Let us get little deeper to find the benefits of integrating a flat design in your website:

  • Simple Typography: Making use of simple typefaces with a flat design will ensure that each and every text throughout the website comes out to be clearly legible and decipherable.
  • Vivacious Color Schemes: Properly utilizing vibrant color schemes in the website designs helps make User Interface frameworks and templates look wonderful and fascinating.
  • Minimalism: This supports in developing a user interface that looks exclusive and uncluttered simply by breaking down on several elements.
  • Ghost Buttons: One of the basic components of flat designs Ghost Buttons significantly lower the user distraction.

Material Design

If your aim is to build a web page that would turn your imagination into reality for the viewers to cherish, then Material Design is your perfect pick. Launched by Google, this is an innovative style that effectively makes use of shadow effects along with various impressions of movement and depth to allow users to get realistic experience.

Making the best use of Material Design would assists you design and develop a website with cleaner and futuristic design that focuses seamlessly on UX. Though there are strong critics in design aesthetic of Google, Material Design has its own position and favored as the most trending web design.

Material Design offers simpler look which is most probably similar to Flat Design, again which is also a current web design trend. However, lest a pure flat design, more depth is seen through Material Design due to the use of shadows and depth.

Well, if you are not a professional web designer with responsive web design skills, then there is nothing to worry. Because, for owning a trendy site, we are here to help you, just contact or call us.

A GOOD DESIGNER is a planner with an AESTHETIC sense.

Which Is Best For Your Website – Responsive or Mobile Optimized Web Design

Looking at the trends that are prevalent, mobiles have taken over desktops and as reported by Google and Search Engine Land in May, more searches are done on mobiles than on any other platform. Smartphone adoption rates have increased from 36% to 61% in the past two years. Since majority of the Smartphone users are now surfing the internet on their mobile phones, it is clear that web developers need to cater to the needs of mobile users.


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Mobile web sites have been around for a long time but the greater changes in these websites started to seem visible with the advent of the first iPhone. Two major methods for handling mobile have been:

  • Dedicated mobile website
  • Responsive web design

Knowing Dedicated Mobile Site:

A dedicated mobile site is a site that shows just the important content on the mobile version of the site. These are the sites where one notices “mobile-optimized” or “mobile-version” written at the bottom of the webpage. These dedicated mobile websites are coded for the purpose of solely showing off specific content to mobile users. Dedicated mobile sites, though ideal in some cases, are not feasible for many businesses. Some of the pros and cons of having a mobile optimized site are:


  • The customized content leads to happier visitors
  • There are some tools like Duda Mobile that are inexpensive and can automatically convert a site to mobile site.
  • Complete customized experience can lead to more sales in large volume operations.
  • There may be a boost in traffic to a website on implementing the mobile optimization experience like Google and other search engines.
  • They are exacting and lead to less hassle for web designers.


  • The process of creating a separate mobile optimized site can be expensive.
  • Keeping two different websites updated can be challenging.
    Improper upkeep of the site can hurt business.


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Knowing Responsive Web Design:

Responsive web design or adaptive websites are the sites that change their scaling based on the platform they are being viewed on. They respond to the particular devices and Google has stated that it will start rewarding businesses that have responsive website design with higher Search Engine Result Page rankings. Regardless of these perks, responsive web design also has some pros and cons:


  • Automatic and lesser time for upkeep required
  • Boost in search traffic and rewards by Google
  • Responsive web design leads to painless and cheaper maintenance


  • Older websites need to be redesigned
  • The responsive web design concept is new and the design conventions are flexible and not standard.

Conclusion on the comparison:

Most of the clients prefer responsive web designing these days and there are only 2 circumstances when one should consider “mobile-only” sites:

1.When you already have a site and wouldn’t want to incur expenses of a new responsive web design

2.When your online business is doing extremely well and developing an extra website means extra millions of dollars in revenue.

In all other cases, a responsive web design accommodates everything and is a better option to consider now.