6 Ways Google’s AMP Impacts Your Online Business


AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source program rolled out by Google in 2015 for publishers to facilitate their content and have web pages load quickly on mobile devices. AMP is aimed to effectively improve user experience and content readability, offering a mobile-friendly responsive web design.

AMP strips away all the elements that can cause the content on the web page to load slowly on mobile browsers. The web page created with AMP HTML is thus stripped down to basic text and images, making the content load around 15-85% faster as compared to the formatted content developed using other scripts.

Wondering if Google AMP is really important and would impact your online business, in any or every possible way?

6 Ways Google_s AMP Impacts Your Online Business

Let’s take a look at 6 ways Google AMP can influence your online business.


1) A Big SEO Boost

Google’s core search algorithm factors in page speed and mobile-responsive website design to determine the placement of the website’s link in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The faster your page loads on mobile, the more likely it will be seen and clicked on by Google search users, resulting in a higher ranking on SERPs.

Adding to this, now all AMP enabled articles appear in swipe able carousel format even above the paid ads in the search result as shown below. A paid placement option may also be available in the future.

G3 (1)

2) A Better User-Experience

Visitors love the fancy and creative designs on your website but they care even more about the loading speed than all the fancy motifs that adorn your website. Page loading time contributes greatly to website user’s experience.

A Kissmetrics study states that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

It’s abundantly clear to see that when one can’t wait for more than a couple of seconds for a website to load, speeding up the web page by 15-85% can only have a positive impact on user experience.

3) Increased Profits for your Business

There are umpteen marketing advantages of a website that utilizes AMP, but are there any advantages that directly contribute to sales or conversions?

Consider this, Kissmetrics, again, states that
A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

This can be a huge issue for business owners whose target customer base largely exists on a mobile platform. The faster loading speed can lead to a reduction in bounce rates and increase the probability of conversion. Since the target customer stays on the web page for a longer duration, business owners can use advertising banners and offers that require a click-through to convert a visitor into a lead or a lead into a customer, thereby contributing to generating revenue.


4) Domain Authority Suffers

One of the biggest disadvantages of using AMP-backed content is how it negatively affects domain authority. AMP ties your website to Google and not to your domain name.
For instance, let’s have a look at the screenshot below:


As you can see the URL, https://www.google.com/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/35800232#, begins with “www.google.com/amp/” and then takes on the article’s originating domain. When browsing through the article, visitors will still be on Google.com and not on the publisher’s website.

5) AMP doesn’t work for non-publisher sites

AMP only covers articles and blogs that are in long-form content and doesn’t really work for e-commerce or brand sites. An e-commerce site can find the design constraints of AMP too restrictive and will prefer to stick to traditional HTML.

6) Poorly constructed HTML pages will be found out

A blessing in disguise, really. Each and every page has to be free of errors before Google can set it up in its AMPs caches. Business owners and publishers need to spend ample time and money to further debug every web page.


To summarize, considering the cons above, if your website deals in the long form content and you want to stay ahead of the curve, in sync with the emerging trend that is, mobile-optimized content, then you are an ideal candidate for the AMP overhaul.

If you want to move into AMP, make sure your website is developed right from the start.Contact Potenza Global Solutions for Responsive Website Development today.


Why Embrace Car Dealer- The Best Car Dealer Automotive Responsive HTML 5 Template?

It’s a no-brainer to discuss the importance of the responsive auto dealer website for the auto dealers, car service stations, or mechanic workshops. With the tight integration of internet in the consumers’ lives, going online has become all-important.

Responsive Dealer Website

Certainly, every auto dealer or the business providing automotive services perfectly understand the significance of creating a web presence in generating maximum leads, sales, and revenue. But, it’s neither time inexpensive nor possible without spending a bundle, and which not every business can afford.

That’s where the Car Dealer- the Automotive Responsive HTML 5 Template comes to the rescue.

Let’s dig deep what the car dealer is:

The car dealer is a multipurpose auto dealer Premium HTML 5 template that’s developed on the top of the Bootstrap framework. The range of colors and layout options, designs, tools, and slider are offered in the template, which enables the car dealer website design and development tailored to the auto dealer’s needs possible.


Besides, there is a lot that the template has in the bucket to offer. Take a quick glance at what are the features the template provides that makes it an ideal solution for the auto business:

  • Stunning layouts

The HTML 5 template offers six different layouts with completely distinct designs that auto businesses can use to create the captivating homepage.

  • Customizable PHP forms

The contact form is a handy way to get the visitors connected with the business, which Potenza global solutions perfectly understands. That’s the reason six different fully customizable PHP forms that include a Contact form, Request more info, schedule test drive, make an offer, email to a friend and trade-in appraisal are provided.

  • Amazing GIF preloader

The GIF preloader adds an awesome effect to the banner on the web pages. The auto business website can incorporate any of the six GIF preloaders on any web page just by changing the name of the loader.

  • Revolution slider

The excellent plugin is integrated to showcase the content elegantly with a slider, parallax effect, carousel and pretty more. Additionally, $16 of the auto dealers can be saved with free extension license.

Auto Dealer

  • Responsive mega drop down menu

Categorization of the vehicles and the services offered by the automotive business through six drop down animations and multilevel drop down makes the user’s access easy and quick to what they are looking for. Also, the vertical, horizontal, left and right drop down menu works seamlessly on every device.

  • Mobile responsiveness

The high level of responsiveness alleviates the need to create different websites for different screen sizes. The website built using car dealer get easily resized for every device and looks great on them.

  • Cross-browser compatibility

The auto dealer’s website gets optimized for all the major browsers that visitors leverage to visit the website like- Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and so forth.

  • Proper documentation

Not every auto dealer is technically sound who can use the template to create the website. The detailed documentation in the simplified language with instructions is provided which makes it easier to access the full range of features.

  • Google maps

With Google map integration, the businesses can help the visitors easily locate the address of the business and get directions to navigate the place on-the-fly.

  • Code customizability

The car dealer template is coded impeccably and every section is commented so that auto dealers can easily make edits to make changes in the website.

Car dealer website


The car dealer is an outstanding solution for the businesses related to the automotive industry to craft the amazing online presence with a full-fledged website. It’s the most convenient, time inexpensive and economical way for the dealers to boost their business over the internet. Moreover, it’s packed with the myriad of the tools that not just make the website development plain-sailing, while help the businesses better serve their offerings and brought huge ROI in return.

It’s a great opportunity that should not be missed. Get your hands-on Car Dealer and share your experience with us.

5 Reasons Illustrating Why Responsive Web Design Is Irresistible

“The exponential increase in the mobile usage is a major cause of the digital growth. The mobile users have already surpassed the desktop users and now the number is constantly rising,” according to Smart Insights.


The digital growth is not just pushing the businesses to have an online presence while insisting them to have websites that are mobile-friendly.

Well, the gala opportunity which is hidden behind the compulsion of making the website design responsive, that’s if worked nicely, then businesses can engage and acquire the user on-the-go.


Firstly, take a quick look at what the responsive website design is:

The mobile websites that are developed with responsive design are actually programmed in a fashion that easily adapt to all the digital devices’layout no matter what’s the size of the screen. It means, the website is coded once, but it works impeccably on all the devices.

In a nutshell, with one-time development, businesses are getting the website built that functions well on the myriad of devices.

Let’s discuss a few reasons that require the website to be responsive:

  • Upsurge in the mobile trend

According to a study, a significant rise is observed from Google searches to the emails opened through mobile devices in the last five years.This trend will continue at least for the next decade.So, with responsive website development you can win the mobile customers, else your competitors will.

  • Enriched user experience that cannot be overlooked

Nowadays, the people are up to their neck in and prefer to browse or search on-the-go. When the website takes so much time to load or won’t display the content nicely with less resolution, the users close the website immediately. That’s truly upsetting.

But, with responsive website design, the users can browse the website easily and left the website with a good experience. The delighted users are expected to buy the services and revisit the mobile website.

  • Get the share of mobile users

In case, you are promoting the business products or services via blogging or social media channels, then the website with responsive mobile designs is proved to be better. The 60% of the mobile users browse the social media channels with mobile.

That’s stupendous.But, beware! When you are doing such promotional activities via social channels, ensure that the website is mobile optimized, else you will end up losing the customers due to a poor experience. Get benefited with the share of mobile users by hiring responsive web design services.

  • Loved by the search engines

It’s universally known that search engine crawlers give top preference to the website that’s content and loading speed improve the user experience. The website with responsive design truly ends up the user’s frustration.

Besides, the bots find it easier to crawls the website across all the devices and the chances of on-page SEO errors are also minimal. It makes the website to top the ranking charts.

  • Make the website future proof

Innovation and advancements in the digital devices is an on-going process. The day after another, a new device is launched whose screen size and resolution are different. If you have jumped onto responsive website development bandwagon, you don’t need to worry about updating the website in future for the new devices.

Instead, the website will perform flawlessly on the upcoming devices, be it a smart TV, smart glass, or smart watch, without impacting the user experience.


As the mobile usage is gaining momentum, the businesses are increasingly leaning towards responsive website development to modernize the business and sync the marketing activities as per the current trends. With the pace of time, the responsive website design has not remained a fancy thing, while it has become a part and parcel of the websites.

Enjoy the great returns with responsive website design engineering!

7 Responsive Web Design Mistakes That You Should Not Make

According to eMarketer, “Nearly 2.6 billion people that are over 1/3 of worldwide consumers will use smartphones to browse websites by 2018.”

It hints you will be losing the one-third of mobile traffic if the website design is not mobile optimized. It’s a big figure that cannot be overlooked by the businesses. The mobile trend is making the businesses to build responsive website design that’s compatible with the myriad of devices to get the share of the mobile audience as well.

There exists one more fact that is if the mobile responsive designs are not crafted immaculately, the target users will turn away. It’s imperative to not make any miss while website development and UI designing. Yet, some mistakes are made. What are they?


Let’s dig down to know about the glaring responsive website design slip-ups that you should avoid:

Emphasis on devices rather than screen sizes

The mobile market is flooded with the range of devices like- smartphone, wearable, tablet, ipad and more that are available in different screen sizes- small size, mid-size or large size. It’s better to focus on designing the UI based on screen sizes rather than catering thousands of devices.

Not ready for new device launch

The responsive websites are designed to easily get accustomed to any device, but if the responsive web design services have developed the website considering just available devices’ screen sizes in the market, it will be a big mistake. Ensure the website design must be scalable and optimized for the upcoming launch as well.

Ignore the large screens

Don’t forget that still the website traffic from the desktop accounts to 48%, which is a significant percentage to consider. Optimize the design which works well on both mobile and desktop to allure the maximum traffic to the website.

Performance is overlooked

40% of the users abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load no matter the users are accessing it through mobile or desktop.

It’s a striking fact which end the myth that mobile users are comfortable even if the website takes too long to load the page. Make certain the website loads quickly either by reducing the images or slimming down the HTTP requests.

Same navigation across multitude of devices

All the devices are dissimilar in size and cannot have the uniform navigation site-wide. Still, if the button sizes, visual layout or menus are kept similar, it ruins the appeal of website design and user experience. Keep the app flow, color contrasts and features consistent, but not the elements to grab the maximum user’s attention.

Making the content out of sight

Considering the mobile screen of smaller size, sometimes, the content is hidden for mobile optimized websites. This is not feasible because the users will never be interested in switching to the larger screens to read the full content. It’s good to display the complete content on mobile optimized websites and you can use collapse/enlarge feature to showcase them aptly.

Testing on every device is considered as unimportant

This is vitally important to test the usability of the website on every device before its final launch. This testing helps in fixing the UX issues, otherwise, it will create a big mess.


The responsive design is not an investment for good designs, while it’s for designing great experiences. Also, making the website up and running isn’t an arduous task, but building it mobile responsive is crucial, which demands a lot of efforts because a single mistake can make the things go wrong and leads to poor UX. Certainly, this is not what you want. Right?

Incorporate the website design with best responsive web design service providers.

Get Great Returns by Investing In Responsive Web Design

Basically, responsive web design is an approach to building a website according to the needs and requirements of the customers that change frequently. It copes up easily with the changing environment. It responds the queries of customers on the automated basis. It provides a wider scope for getting more traffic on the site and draws the attention of visitors.


Based on orientation, platform, and screen size, you need a web design that meets the requirements of your clients in the short span of time. Followed by different industries and incorporating all advanced ideas, responsive design adopts changing environment and satisfies the using experience of viewers. Check out the following ways to pursue yourself with the responsive web design services:

One for all, all for one policy: There is more than custom resolution and screen resizing as this type of web design is a completely new concept of designing and developing a web application to run smoothly across all devices. It is practical and easy to implement. In this modern era, responsive web design works as one stop solution for your web application or website development. It is scalable and liberal enough to create sliding and manage hided portion of the images. The idea behind it is suitable for all devices, tabs, smartphones, laptops, PCs, and more other.

Super ingredients: A responsive design contains technical as well as logical ingredients to run a smooth and functional website that provides the higher ranking and search-friendly platform ultimately. Media queries, attractive picture resolution and images, and fluid grids are the most three technical aspects of this design. It eliminates the necessity of different phases of development and design.

Image customization: The image appears in this kind of web design is quite awesome and attracts the attention of users. To furnish an easy solution to the images, it uses CSS features. It facilitates you with the option of image or picture customization so that the users can present the design in a very beautiful way. In increasing the popularity of the site, it helps a lot from all directions and suits to all gadgets.

Is it worth the investment?

It’s not only the competition but also organizational growth, it is quite necessary to avail of responsive web design services. It is needless to say that investing in it is worth from all perspectives. It is quite tough to create a web development that fit across all smartphones and technologies. This website design is suitable for all devices irrespective of the type and features. It is better to invest in it rather than generating an upgrade or modify a website according to new devices every time.

Top 6 Key Web Design Trends to Develop Brand New Websites

With the innovative technology available in this modern world, here some tips accomplished to the enhanced web designs.  With the help of internet people connect together and now it has become second source for the companies to market and get their business. Google is the best search engine that provides millions of domains as well as trillions of search results. Due to the huge data Google keeps on adding and innovating new security rules and regulations for a web design. So, lets understand modern era of web design.


Previously, websites were design with the fancy flash effects and HTML codes. But, now PHP web design is a dynamic approach that helps in creating a web design. Every domain owner company and web designer must know about the latest trends to enhance their business and for this you can get attractive web design services.

Tips for modern web designs:

  • Flat web designs: The first and latest web design is pressed and clean flat design. It is in a trend that flatter a page lacking pop-up buttons. It also doesn’t have any shadow effects and therefor looks better.
  • White Spaces web designs: With the help of this design you can reduces items in a web page. It helps in fast loading websites and reducing HTTP requests. It is user friendly and also it allows user to get influence with the website messages without getting distracted from the other elements of the page.
  • Responsive web design: Now there are different types of devices available and in this case you must design your web site as per the great user experience. For making a web page available for every single device, it must resize as per the device. For this responsive web designing is used.
  • Page load time: It is most important that your website must be loaded faster. Generally, viewers are used to get website loaded within 1.3 seconds or below. If your website will take must time user may not tolerate it and leave it completely. So, for reducing page load time you need CSS magnification, clean coding practice and compressing images so that total image size can be reduced.
  • Interactive web designs: For creating an average user through pop-ups or mouse events, interactive web design is used. It drags attention of a visitors and reduces the bounce rates. This year UI animation is widely used in a web design.
  • Mobile Friendly Design: Nowadays, people use to visit websites through mobiles rather than desktop. So, it becomes important to make your websites friend to the mobiles that loads faster.

For any designer it should be important to priorities above mentioned points to get the effective web designs. For getting such attractive web design services you must focus on the modern tips for web designing. So, innovate your website by designing it through these tips and get the better results. Your website must be user friendly to attract the users and get the better results.