8 Easy and Quick Ways to Fire up WordPress

It’s time to say goodbye to those frustrating tech hurdles.

WordPress is an awesome platform; but, there’s one unvarying weakness – it can be pretty slow. And no one likes to wait eternally for a site to load, so much so that 40 per cent of visitors desert a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load!

It’s easy to end up with a sluggish site without the right precautions which leads to loss of subscribers, customers, and repeat visitors.

In the long run, it translates as losing money!

Studies have derived that just a 1 second delay in loading time can cause as much as a 7 per cent loss of conversions.

For example, if your website makes just under $3,300 per day, a single, 1 second delay in loading time could cost you over $90,000 per year.

3 seconds would mean getting somewhere to a loss of $300,000 per year.

Super crazy, right?

Nonetheless, Google has included site speed into its ranking algorithm and a slow website could lead to a privation of valuable traffic. Plus, mobile traffic has been ever increasing lately and slow websites can lose out big time.

Here are 8 simple and straightforward tips to fire up your WordPress website without messing around the code or breaking the bank:

8 Quick and Easy Ways to Fire Up WordPress (2)

1) Implement a better web host

Your web host is the foundation on which you build your website.

Having no solid host equals to inconsistent delivery of good experience to your visitors. Also, it’s a mammoth task to move an entire website. Hence, it’s best to employ a web host which has a lot of power and offers migration services to save you the time and hassle of sorting through annoying tech issues. Plugins can help you migrate any website, but if that’s not your cup of tea, it’s better to let your WordPress development company take care of it.

2) Set up a CDN

Web hosts routinely face a problem wherein the load times are dependent on the proximity of the user to the server; resulting in slower load times in certain geographical settings

The key lies in setting up a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

A CDN is basically a network of servers that are strategically placed around the globe. With an apt CDN in place, it’s simper for web hosts to reduce the load time for any given website.

3) Choose a better optimized theme

Most WordPress themes are loaded with unrequired features that are plain useless; making the theme more resource intensive.

To optimize your website, many WordPress development companies furnish themes that are lightweight and simple. Overall, a clean and focused theme will help your website not only look good, but load quicker too!

4) Set up a caching plugin

WordPress serves pages dynamically, resulting in the use of PHP code to request information from your database. It then creates a HTML page for the visitors.

Well, this can be very slow; and therefore, a caching plugin can be used to save those HTML pages and serve them to your visitors when required.

For example, WP Rocket is a great tool; it’s a paid plugin, simpler to use, and can induce greater speed than the free plugins available. Also, a competent WordPress development company can comprehensively take care of the optimization and performance needs of your website.

5) Compress your images

Uploading gigantic images to WordPress simply forces it to resize them on the fly. Hence, uploading multiple images that are 5 MB each really isn’t a good idea.

It’s best to reduce the file size to the lowest point possible without changing the image quality. It’s hassle-free with Photoshop in hand, but tools like Image Optimizer provide all the benefits for compressing images online. You can also automatically do this in WordPress with the aid of WPSmush.it plugin.

6) Add LazyLoad to your images

When a visitor lands on your page, there’s no need to blast info in his face by loading everything at once; in this case, all of the images.

With LazyLoad, when a reader scrolls down, other images load one by one, right before they appear on the screen. This not only speeds up your page loads, but also helps save bandwidth by loading less data for users who don’t scroll all the way down. LazyLoad is a good option for WordPress.

7) Keep database tables up-to-date

Every now and then, your website’s database tables should be optimized for efficient working. It not only helps your database run smoothly, but also maximizes your server resources. Make use of free plugins like WP-OPTIMIZE to make this process uncomplicated and easy-peasy.

8) Disable trackbacks and pingbacks

When another website links to yours, you may notice trackback and pingback notifications. This takes up significant server resources that can be better splurged on delivering a great experience to your visitors.

You can choose to disable these by moving on to Settings > Discussions in your WordPress admin area. This tip is better left to experts at a resourceful WordPress development company who can manage your website methodically.


This quick round-up of efficient measures can speed up your pages and lead to an optimized site; bringing in happier customers. Plus, with improved page load times, Google will probably rank your website slightly higher in the search engine results.


How To Create And Design An Outstanding WordPress Blog

If you are looking to create a WordPress blog and reach a wider audience in your target group, you need to put in the best of your efforts to optimize your blog. This will propel towards having a better reach than your other counterparts, writing in the same niche as you. There will always be myriad other bloggers who will be popular than you are but it is the overall experience that will ultimately bring them back to your blog. Even if you are a subject matter expert, presentation of your skills is the deal breaker.


Image Resource :- eduspace.co.in

Choosing quality over quantity:

You might have new readers with each new post you publish. Ensure that it is a well researched and comprehensive. This will leave a great first impression and people will come back for more. One lengthy and informative post works well than five different snippets on the same topic. Readers will lose the continuity with too many hyperlinks or short posts. The attention span has relatively come down, so the data that you present needs to be accurate. This will give your target audience the confidence to come back to your blog for genuine information.

Having an appropriate blog layout:

This is a very tricky, but pivotal aspect of your Custom WordPress development. There are hundreds of exciting themes and layouts available, but pay attention to the end result. It needs to be functional and easy to navigate within the blog. The text and background images need to complement each other without hindering the reading experience. The quality of your content could be top notch, but if basics take a hit, readers will be on the lookout for better blogs almost instantaneously.

Make it your narrative:

There is no cap on the number of websites providing information on every niche topic in any given domain. People visit blogs specifically to understand your take on the subject and in a way look for deconstructed yet simple flow of data. This is your home, set your tone and make it your narrative while giving the information they are looking for. It needs to represent your values, taste and informed opinion. You don’t need to necessarily hoard your blog and posts with unsolicited private details, photographs or memes but a personal touch is what readers look forward to.

wordpress-blog-smallerImage Resource :- cms2cms.com

Propel your readers in the right direction:

More often than not, writers try to make their posts as entertaining as possible. It is definitely a great thing to incorporate however it takes more than just than to build a loyal audience and increase genuine subscribers. You need to leave them with an urge to revisit your website for anything worthwhile and may be having it bookmarked. Give them something to ponder on or things to do. Incorporate tutorials or give away which will be a value add for your readers, you give some to get something. This will resonate your expertise to people reading your posts.

Don’t bombard your viewers with extensive calls of action or clutter the site. Your blog or site does not have to scream professionalism unless you are trying to promote products and services. If your site is not purely for business, keep it simple and focus on the subject matter. The reason people chose blogs over Wikipedia or any other generic website is to get an understanding of views and opinions of actual people who have a grip on the subject. They look for the pulse of the writer and connect with the personality from the style of writing. This is your space to project your unique traits, attributes and values, make the best of this with your blog. It is your home ground and your little real estate in the virtual world, make the most of it. Try and reflect the best of your personality in those few minutes. Every post is crucial and it might lead them to reading other interesting links and explore your site a little. Generate that curiosity in readers, while at it makes sure you collect feedback. Keep your feedback forms, crisp but concise. Let your readers know that your value their suggestions by responding and incorporating the same.

8 Important Things To Be Included While Designing Event WordPress Website

A website of any company speaks for what the company is about and what it serves to its audience. WordPress is used by more than 25% people in the world to develop and advance their websites.

Moreover, websites are the most preferred and realistic approach to endorse any type of event such as conference meetings, concerts and seminars. It is a practical way to create interest among the targeted audience along with the publicity of the event details. You should consider the below 8 points while creating a website.


Image Source :- www.webhostingreviewslist.com

1. Responsive Design: Now-a-days, people use different type of devices to visit your domain. So to guarantee consistent user experience on your site, you should select a responsive event WordPress theme.

2. Event – Specific Content Management: WordPress provides plug-ins to ease and personify the web development phase. The plug-ins reduces the complex coding and the time otherwise consumed in it. The various types of content on your webpage can be managed simply by applying already available layouts and designs with the help of WordPress Custom Post Types.

3. Strong Branding- Every successful website has a strong branding strategy behind it. Along with look and feel of the website which attracts the target audience, its logo, font size, color schemes and font style also plays a very important role to hold the visitors on it.

4. Venue and speaker Information Management- It is important to select a design which wholly matches to your thought for an event- based WordPress Theme. It should not be without any unplanned sessions or speakers. Instead, make sure to store and schedule the format in the same the way as it is going to be held during the event.

5. Video & Images- Images on the webpage gives clarity to the visitors about the type of event. Not only this, videos and images relevant to the subject make the website more appealing and engaging to the visitors. Below is the example of type of images you can include-

  • Previously held events
  • Acts of the event
  • Popular faces that attended the event
  • Team
  • Venue

A quality video which includes the tour to your event venue can also be attached.

6. Date, Time and Location

For the attendees to keep a track of time left to the event, you can add a count-down clock. Sometimes, attendees find it difficult to locate the location of the event. To solve this issue, WordPress development provides an option to embed a Google Map. This map can simplify the needs of your attendees by locating nearest event to them and by checking the availability at the specific dates.

7. Social Media Sharing- The immense popularity of the social media as a publicity tool, it is quite clear that it could be used to take the popularity of your event to another level. It can be helpful to increase the traffic on your website, increasing the followers count and increase in number of posts shared. This could expand the outreach of your event along with keeping the followers and attendees updated.

8.Payment Gateways- The prospective attendees always want a one stop solution to register for an event. You should integrate your website with some trusted payment gateway, for example – Paypal or Stripe. This eases the sign up as well as payment process.


The most important of all things that should be stressed on when designing an event website is its theme. The theme should match with the objective of your organization or company.  If you want to develop quality and attractive wordpress themes then wordpress development by potenza Global Solutions is the best option for you.

Various Clues to Learn About WordPress Design

Are you using WordPress? Oh, it is very common as there are about millions of website users practicing CMS system for creating sites. Moreover, many website owners opt for CMS system because of its perfection and have various reasons for not using WordPress development.

As many people have inadequate knowledge about WordPress development, they make blunders at the time of designing, despite of it being so simple and easy to use. You should also bear in mind that your efficiency/inefficiency will be decided by the site owner, that is, whether to stay on or leave the site atonce. Hence, in order to avoid this confusion, it is essential to have the correct knowledge about WordPress design for attaining outstanding result.

WordPress Development
Using Everlasting Website Colours:

One of the fundamental factors that have to be taken into consideration while designing a site is about the ‘colour factor’ as it depends upon the perfection of your choice which speaks about your confidence makes us think about the following –

The Use of Accent Colour – The continuous and rarely used chief colours drives the attention by using the same (accent colour). For the visitor to answer, a button can be used. Remember one thing that you ‘owe your own words’, as your work speaks about you.

Using Limited Colour Brush – Other than using dark grey or black colour, the maximum amount required to be used are 2 main design colours.

Using Suitable Fonts:

Investing some quality time will definitely pay you back once the custom fonts are set up. The selection of the fonts should be such that it matches with your brand to increase the status of the respective fields of profession. Third Party services like the Google Font API can be used for setting up custom fonts.

Icons Speaks for It:

For getting perfectly associated with the written words, good icons can be searched out without much efforts. Sources like Flickr Creative Commons that are free must be used very carefully as being careless might lead to legal problems. While using cheap paid resources like iStockPhoto.Com, be sure to use something that matches with the messages wanting to be delivered to the visitors.

Proper Word Formatting

WordPress possess a very appealing formatting bar where the text has to be arranged in subheadings, bullet lists as well as short paragraphs, whereas the large blocks that are pasted on the pages are not appealing at all.

To sum up, considering the fact that WordPress has large database of Plugins that are used to balance the text you are to choose to apply, should be carefully applied as well as should be keen in selecting proper design to make your pages outstanding and unique.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is an Internet Marketing Manager at Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading WordPress Web Development company that involves a team of expert PHP Programmers and Front End Developers who are trained to deliver pixel perfect, validated and functionally tested web projects with great professionalism.


Hurry! Good news for all those wanting to increase traffic on their website.  Yes, surely you can, by promoting your old evergreen articles which is the simplest, uncomplicated, and smartest way to get more pageviews.

The Following Article Presents Some of the Best Ways to Promote Old Posts in WordPress.

But, before proceeding further, it is necessary to know the reasons for the same. In order to save time and money along with efforts it is advisable to promote older articles to allow traffic potentials for which following methods are enlisted to promote old posts in wordpress development.

WordPressImage Source: www.howitwork.org

1. Consistency in Sharing your Old Posts on Social Media:-

As the numbers of followers seen on social media updates are in minority, the fact remains that due to the commotion, not everyone remains online at the same time and hence it is not advisable to share at various different times of the day. Social media network like Twitter, face book, and LinkedIn increase the updates thereby maximizing the exposure for different times.

2. Exhibiting Related Posts on your Blog:-

There is a corresponding content which is below or next to each article while visiting popular blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable or even WPBeginner. Chances of exploring more of your website can be provided by using related posts plugin.

3.  Presenting Popular Posts:-

Out of 100%, 20% of your website content gets 80% of the traffic. This is because of the fact that some articles are liked more by others. In order to get more traffic to them, the best way is to publish the most popular content with some clicks as people are more comfortable reading what others have found to be of interest while coming to your website.

4.  Make Effective 404 Pages:-     

This page of 404 is shown when a page that the user is searching for, cannot be found. Most of wordpress themes comes with a default of 404 templates. As the page that the user is looking for cannot be found, you can grab the opportunity to keep the visitors busy by advertising the most crucial content of your website.   For the users to locate the content they were in search of, a search form can be added.

5.  Better WordPress Search:-

There are two common path for improving the search feature. They are:-
1.  Use Google custom search form to replace the WordPress search.
2.   To use a search plugin .

6.  Custom Archive Pages:-

All you need to do for highlighting your useful content is to create a custom archive page as it displays all post categories/tags, add compact archives and include a search form.  It even presents recent posts, commented posts and the most popular articles which will be helpful for the people at large for finding the contents as well as also to understand the subject matter of the post.

7.  Connecting Old Articles:-

You got to have been habituated for building internal link as it is one of the most supreme SEO strategy and helpful to the user as well.

8.  Associating Old Articles in Comments:-

While trying to use links to point out the articles on your website and answering user comments on your own blog should not be done forcefully, as there are many chances of opportunities cropping up and at the same time it helps in building trust and increases pageviews as well.

To sum up, adding link will help the future visitors continue to click on the same question on that link.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a Tech Blogger & work with Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading WordPress Development Company that involves a team of expert open source programmers and designers who are trained to deliver web projects with great professionalism.