Moving To A New House? Know How To Plan A Custom Closet

Certainly, every person designs and personalize the home according to their personal taste and style. It’s really upsetting if they need to move to a new house and leave the house they have customized at their own. Moreover, the house in which they are going to live is if short on space where making the things fit in, is difficult, then the problem grows by manifolds.

How to Plan a Custom Closet

That’s where custom closet design would help them. But, it demands a lot of time, dollars and efforts.

The person needs to create a master plan from the get-go so that it’s clear from the beginning that whether the closet’s layout suits your closet needs or not, and what are the challenges involved with the plan if it’s executed.

The main challenges I was facing with the closet plan were:
-The layout was unconventional and not a super efficient storage solution.
-The closet design is not able to accommodate so many things, thus failed to make the  most out of the space.
-The closet design was covering a huge space, but not all the closet items.

I was really worried what to do. Later, I found the Closet Design Tools offered by Potenza Global solutions. I feel like on the top of the sky. The tool allowed us to design the closet at our own without charging a single penny.

What’s more, it offers?

The tool offers a high level of flexibility and allows us to play with different things to get the final closet design, that’s the exact replica of what we have imagined. The perfect design has been just like a magic for us.

With a custom closet design, the hefty sum that I have to pay to the closet designers also get saved, and I was just needing to order the closet by providing the closet design and its dimensions. This way the closet ordered have easily accommodated several functional items such as hanging clothes, drawers for clothes or other accessories, shoes, jewelry, hamper, mirror and pretty more.

What’s the final outcome?

The unconventional custom layout with which I was unhappy, can now store maximum items when redesigned using the closet tools. There is a plenty of storage space with a number of shelves to hang clothes, drawers to fit in different things, and hold the hamper even.

Summing it up

The closet is one of the important parts of the house that every house owner like to customize as per their storage and lifestyle needs. Handing over the closet design work to a closet designer is also risky as it’s uncertain the closet that the closet designer will design is exactly what the owner was expecting.

Here, custom closet design tool is the panacea which allows the people to create a closet design that they like and save dollars that otherwise would have spent as a fee to the closet designer. Isn’t it amazing? The best way to plan a custom closet that’s time savvy and inexpensive.

Have you ever experienced closet designing with closet design tools? If so, share your experience with us in the comments below.


Why Embrace Car Dealer- The Best Car Dealer Automotive Responsive HTML 5 Template?

It’s a no-brainer to discuss the importance of the responsive auto dealer website for the auto dealers, car service stations, or mechanic workshops. With the tight integration of internet in the consumers’ lives, going online has become all-important.

Responsive Dealer Website

Certainly, every auto dealer or the business providing automotive services perfectly understand the significance of creating a web presence in generating maximum leads, sales, and revenue. But, it’s neither time inexpensive nor possible without spending a bundle, and which not every business can afford.

That’s where the Car Dealer- the Automotive Responsive HTML 5 Template comes to the rescue.

Let’s dig deep what the car dealer is:

The car dealer is a multipurpose auto dealer Premium HTML 5 template that’s developed on the top of the Bootstrap framework. The range of colors and layout options, designs, tools, and slider are offered in the template, which enables the car dealer website design and development tailored to the auto dealer’s needs possible.


Besides, there is a lot that the template has in the bucket to offer. Take a quick glance at what are the features the template provides that makes it an ideal solution for the auto business:

  • Stunning layouts

The HTML 5 template offers six different layouts with completely distinct designs that auto businesses can use to create the captivating homepage.

  • Customizable PHP forms

The contact form is a handy way to get the visitors connected with the business, which Potenza global solutions perfectly understands. That’s the reason six different fully customizable PHP forms that include a Contact form, Request more info, schedule test drive, make an offer, email to a friend and trade-in appraisal are provided.

  • Amazing GIF preloader

The GIF preloader adds an awesome effect to the banner on the web pages. The auto business website can incorporate any of the six GIF preloaders on any web page just by changing the name of the loader.

  • Revolution slider

The excellent plugin is integrated to showcase the content elegantly with a slider, parallax effect, carousel and pretty more. Additionally, $16 of the auto dealers can be saved with free extension license.

Auto Dealer

  • Responsive mega drop down menu

Categorization of the vehicles and the services offered by the automotive business through six drop down animations and multilevel drop down makes the user’s access easy and quick to what they are looking for. Also, the vertical, horizontal, left and right drop down menu works seamlessly on every device.

  • Mobile responsiveness

The high level of responsiveness alleviates the need to create different websites for different screen sizes. The website built using car dealer get easily resized for every device and looks great on them.

  • Cross-browser compatibility

The auto dealer’s website gets optimized for all the major browsers that visitors leverage to visit the website like- Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and so forth.

  • Proper documentation

Not every auto dealer is technically sound who can use the template to create the website. The detailed documentation in the simplified language with instructions is provided which makes it easier to access the full range of features.

  • Google maps

With Google map integration, the businesses can help the visitors easily locate the address of the business and get directions to navigate the place on-the-fly.

  • Code customizability

The car dealer template is coded impeccably and every section is commented so that auto dealers can easily make edits to make changes in the website.

Car dealer website


The car dealer is an outstanding solution for the businesses related to the automotive industry to craft the amazing online presence with a full-fledged website. It’s the most convenient, time inexpensive and economical way for the dealers to boost their business over the internet. Moreover, it’s packed with the myriad of the tools that not just make the website development plain-sailing, while help the businesses better serve their offerings and brought huge ROI in return.

It’s a great opportunity that should not be missed. Get your hands-on Car Dealer and share your experience with us.

7 Things That Makes Your Mobile App Fail

This is a mobile era where every business is racing in the mobilization race to improve the work flow, optimize the business processes and get the customer’s attention. The urge of mobilizing the user’s journey has fueled up the mobile application development across the world.

Why Mobile Apps Failed_

It is estimated that the number of hours spent daily in the mobile app development by the developers is nearly equal to the number of hours the customers spend in using the mobile apps.

It indicates that the mobile app usage is also growing at a steady pace with showing no sign of getting slow-down. That’s the reason, now, there are so many mobile apps in the market of various genres serving the different purpose that just name it and you have it.

But, it doesn’t mean any app engineered by the mobile app developers would stand high on the user experience ladder. Even, there are so many mobile apps which get rejected by the app store when uploaded.

All the time, the developers are not in charge of the app rejection because the app rejection either by the app store or users depends upon several factors that need to be considered before launching or making the app to the app store.

Let’s dig deep what are the elements that hinder the app’s success and make it face a big failure:

  • Absence of fundamentals

Including rich functionalities in the app is good which differentiates the app in the market and easily engage the users. The rich features may bring huge downloads, but if lacking the basic features, then there are less chances that after downloading the app the users would use it for a long duration. Instead, they will soon uninstall the app.

  • UI is not user-centric

The user interface design actually defines the users’ journey through the mobile app. It can be smooth or become a roller coaster ride, if not engineered keeping the end users in mind. No matter how nicely the elements are put, features are integrated and easy the navigation is made, unless they are not in sync with how users want them to be, all the efforts goes into the vain.

The developers must team up with the end users for beta testing and design the UI keeping main focus over the users so that users will get the seamless experience on the multitude of devices across multiple platforms.

  • No updates after a long run

Publishing the app once with the excellent features won’t end your job. Instead, you need to listen what users think about your app, what changes they expect in the app and what are the bugs need to be fixed. Based on the feedback, bringing updates in the app in the form of bug fixing or what’s new is essential, else the users will get bored and stop using the app.

  • Too many notifications

Informing the users at various stages while using the mobile app through push notifications is good, but it becomes annoying when the notifications are sent too often. It actually starts interfering with the user experience as your app is not the only app that users are having on their mobile app. Ensure that the optimal number of notifications should be sent.

  • Battery drainage

The high mobile battery consumption issue emerges in many mobile apps that’s never overlooked by the users. After installing the app, if the same thing happens, the users take no time in rejecting the app on the grounds of high battery drainage.

  • Security hole

The security always stays at the top of the user’s mind when they download the mobile app and they are never ready to make any compromise with the personal data security. If the app includes any suspicious content or malware which results in data theft, the users abandon the app off the bat. Safeguard your app against any such malicious software.

  • Bombardment of ads

The advertisement is a way to monetize for the businesses, but too many ad’s appearances decreases the mobile app usability and ruins the customer experience as well. The hindrance leads to the app rejection by the users. Maintain a fine balance of the ads pop-up.

Wrapping it up

The mobile app can create a major breakthrough only when it scores high on the user experience and usability. If any of the aforementioned factors exists in the app, then it will not be able to live up to the customers’ expectations. When you join hands with any mobile application development company, make certain they build quality apps leveraging advanced technology and keeping users at the core.

Top 5 Ways To Craft The Best-In-Class App Icons And Screen shots

The mobile app development is not just the right blend of technology and tools, while it is an art where developers intelligently mix the creativity into the apps leveraging advanced technology.

5 Unique Ideas To Craft Best In Class App Icon

Although mobile apps improve the work flow and optimize the operations, but they don’t work like a robotic machine. Instead, when the users browse the mobile app, they are actually sailing a boat and the app layout, icons, logo, text, and screenshots decide how smooth or difficult the journey will be.

During app development, the brainstorming is needed to ensure that all the elements are rightly designed and rightly placed as these are the face of the app and viewing which the users will continue using the app or abandon it.

Let’s understand how you should design the app’s icon and screenshot to stay at the top of the game:

  • Must be crystal clear

The icons should be flawless, clear and meaningful that illustrates the purpose of the app to the target users in no time and users can easily relate to the message the icons want to express.

Sometimes, in the effort of making the icon more creative, it becomes too complex and vague to understand, which is not good. Be careful while designing the icon so that app’s functionality completely justifies with it.

Also, to make the app visuals appealing, the screens are added that are no longer relevant or part of the app. So, avoid such practice because it annoys the users and they won’t take much time to label the app as deceptive. Keep the actual screenshots without going away far from the reality.

  • Must be original

Just name it and you will have it’- this is the scenario of the app market. Perhaps, the app idea you want to shape into reality may also exist in the app store. There your work gets doubled because to make the app create a distinct proposition in the market, the design elements must be original and creative that lets the app hit the mark. The icon can make the app look better if it’s unique in every possible way.

Similar is the case with screenshots, they must exhibit the true app’s features and functionalities, instead of showcasing fake screenshots.

  • Must be creative

Instilling creativity in the app that appears simple and straightforward process during app development is apparently true. A lot of things need to ponder and taken care of as a single wrong step leads to a total mess and proves to be costly. It’s better to assess the creativity through testing to find out everything is done correctly.

With icons, flamboyancy works, but not with the screenshots. It is rather good to just display the app’s functionalities, how it operates and what is the app flow through the screenshots.

  • Must be qualitative

Anything that people view or buy today, want it to be of high quality. The app’s icon also shares the resemblance with this where users like to view the icons that are not just ultra-clear and eye-catchy, but shines as well. Be its Android app development or iOS app development, the icons must be of superior quality and appeals the users with its glory.

The screenshots of top-notch quality are also equally important. Albeit the developers have to be careful about the screen’s size for which the screenshot to be created. The border designing is also not essential.

  • Must sync with competition

In the fast-paced world, to make the app get recognized in the app store under the same category is a hard nut to crack. Stepping forward with modern trends is the way to live up to the users’ expectations, where the brilliant icons and screenshots are must-haves, which rack the app developers’ brains, but imperative to amaze the users.

Ensure the elements justify the app and can build the app authority in the crowded market.

Wrap up

Resting on laurels won’t bring the iconic success to the app, while it requires the developers to build one-of-a-kind icons and screenshots for the app. That’s where iPhone app developers excel.

It’s analyzed that users always leans towards the app that’s packed with top-grade images, icons and screenshots. Follow the tips earlier mentioned to craft the app which sets a precedent and endows the superb feeling to the users ever with cool and classy icons and screenshots.

How To Leverage Social To Upsurge Digital Marketing ROI?

Presently, social has become all-imperative and more it will become in future.

According to a study, “The number of social media users around the world is projected to grow from 2.1 billion last year to 2.5 billion by 2018.”

Social media marketing is one of an integral parts of the digital marketing that continues to evolve and used. The use of social media is not limited to the uploading of selfies, or videos, while it’s highly leveraged by the businesses to influence the purchase and foster customer interaction with the brand. Moreover, the way businesses using the social media has also changed. Now, it has become more than just publishing the content.

Digital Marketing ROI

The social marketing efforts are now tailored to the target audience and kept synced with the brand’s voice to align the business with success. Also, the insights are taken out of the user activity such as what users like, how users react to the content, when users interact and what users prefer, which in turn help businesses to carry out data-driven decisions.

Yet, the businesses struggle to find whether they are tapping the full potential of social data or not, or their efforts are up-to-the-mark or not. How could the businesses identify that social power is helping them in uplifting the ROI?

Here, 5 ways are rounded up that assist business to shoot up ROI using social in a strategic way.

  • Narrow the social aperture as per business objectives

Doing a lot of social activities on the myriad of the social media platforms without knowing the key performance indicators is all trash because when you don’t know what your goal is, how can you make the right efforts.

When it comes to SMO services, the businesses need to very specific as the content can make or break the brand. At first, set the goal and then share the relevant information to bring a difference in the marketing strategy, which automatically impacts the users and increases ROI.

  • Understand the users before getting social

Every user connected with the brand sails the same boat differently. The challenges they face will be different that businesses have to address in a distinctive manner. When the users are answered on social platforms with relevant content, the users feel like the brand is interested in knowing and solving their pain points.

Target the users after knowing the demographics and their preference from the social profiles to take hold of the customers, nurture the relationship with them and size up the revenue.

  • Turn the brand advocates into brand ambassadors

When the social users are closely monitored, there are some happy users who always spread a good word of mouth about the brand and during any conflict, they talk positively about the brand. Such brand advocates influence other users and prove to be a great asset for the business in the long-term.

It’s better to find out such users and reward them for showing such love towards a brand. It impresses the brand advocates and results in a higher ROI.

  • Scrutinize what the competitors are doing

No matter your business is under performing or over performing, but keeping tabs on what competitors are doing is healthy for new strategic planning. The comparison helps the businesses in understanding what type of content, the number of the posts or top posts is more engaging the users.

The positive or neutral engagement signals that there is a room for improvement or not and what are the steps to be taken to remove the weakness.

  • Value the social data

Less often, the businesses take the social data seriously to create a new social marketing plan considering the social response less credible and trustworthy. But, it’s a big mistake.

The social data is a great treasure that aids businesses in comprehending so many aspects such as the audience preference over certain occasions, product’s preference under a category, the likelihood of product as a reward and so on. When businesses act upon the things that users like, unquestionably the ROI get boosted.

Summing it up

In the last decade, a few businesses have set the mark in the industry by strategically making use of social. Watching the trend, many brands are leaning towards social.

According to CMO survey, “The share of marketing budgets spent on social media is expected to more than double over the next five years, from 11% today to 24% by 2020.”

In the ever-evolving social market, the businesses have to identify the changes going on, experiment with new initiatives and keep the strategy one step ahead of the competition to thrive with epic success.

Even, many businesses are hiring social media marketing company to fuel up the brand’s growth with enriched audience engagement and increased ROI. What’s your take? Are you ready? Do share your views in the comments below.

Want To Design iPhone Apps? 7 Things You Should Remember!

The mobile apps are increasing at the rate of neutral fission, and their presence in the market is like the websites had 10 years back. In the ever expanding and ever evolving market, to not get lost the mobile apps in the overcrowded market, the mobile apps are designed to perfection.

iOS apps development

Among all the leading platforms, the iOS platform is known for raising the bar of UI and UX design of the mobile applications that enthralls and engages the users. The iOS apps built on a unique concept are not just high in terms of usability, while also appeals the users with immaculate designs, ultimate graphics, and bespoke layout.

Before you start iOS app development, make sure that best-in-class app development and designing enable the app top the charts. Here is the list of all the elements that you should get covered in the iOS app.

  • High resolution

The iPhones comes in four types of resolutions that scale to maximum 414 x 736 points. To make the iOS apps work best on all the versions of iPhones, the layout should expand on the assigned resolution while keeping the other elements unchanged. Ensure all the image assets are of high resolution, otherwise they will appear blurred on the retina display.

High resolution
Image Source
  • Content formatting

Be careful! The mobile users most of the time access the content on-the-go, and they like to see the things in a single view, in place of zooming the content or scrolling horizontally. The same applies to iPhone Application Development as well. Create the layout wherein the content should get fit in the screen of the devices and appear smoothly at once.

Content formatting
Image Source
  • Touch controls

3D touch, auto layout, and adaptive layouts are some of the advanced techniques and tools that iOS has provided to give an aesthetic touch to the app design. The UI elements used in the app must be designed with touch gesture-thinking so that the user interaction with app appears more natural.

Touch controls
Image Source
  • Controls size

The buttons are actually the interactive actions that you want the users to take, and if they find hassle in hitting the target, creating the controls will be of no use. Make certain that the buttons you are creating must be at least 44 points x 44 points in size so that they can be easily pressed with fingers.

Controls size
Image Source
  • Text size

Akin to the button’s size, the text size should not be too small that they cannot be viewed clearly from a certain distance. Besides, different headings and sub-headings’ text size should be legible, so that they are readable without zooming.

Text size
Image Source
  • Perfect contrast

Adding a color contrast is good to improve the content appeal and readability, but the contrast should be optimum. The background, text and other elements’ colors should be chosen wisely so that content readability won’t get impacted.

Perfect contrast
Image Source
  • Content alignment

All the information that includes text, images, and buttons which you want to illustrate on the app must be organized in an easy-to-read layout. Also, the text should not overlap with reduced letter spacing and increased line height.

Content alignment
Image Source

The Final Thoughts

Now, how the app visually appears matters a ton rather than its basic functionalities as they can be less regarded sometimes… Surprising, but it’s true.

Before you begin the actual designing of the iOS apps, it’s good to create a sketch or the wire frame of the application that will help you in visualizing the app’s layout, information flow, and images. Finally, get teamed up with the iPhone app development company that’s backed by the best app designers who craft the app to the precision that meets your high-end expectations.

5 Reasons Illustrating Why Responsive Web Design Is Irresistible

“The exponential increase in the mobile usage is a major cause of the digital growth. The mobile users have already surpassed the desktop users and now the number is constantly rising,” according to Smart Insights.


The digital growth is not just pushing the businesses to have an online presence while insisting them to have websites that are mobile-friendly.

Well, the gala opportunity which is hidden behind the compulsion of making the website design responsive, that’s if worked nicely, then businesses can engage and acquire the user on-the-go.


Firstly, take a quick look at what the responsive website design is:

The mobile websites that are developed with responsive design are actually programmed in a fashion that easily adapt to all the digital devices’layout no matter what’s the size of the screen. It means, the website is coded once, but it works impeccably on all the devices.

In a nutshell, with one-time development, businesses are getting the website built that functions well on the myriad of devices.

Let’s discuss a few reasons that require the website to be responsive:

  • Upsurge in the mobile trend

According to a study, a significant rise is observed from Google searches to the emails opened through mobile devices in the last five years.This trend will continue at least for the next decade.So, with responsive website development you can win the mobile customers, else your competitors will.

  • Enriched user experience that cannot be overlooked

Nowadays, the people are up to their neck in and prefer to browse or search on-the-go. When the website takes so much time to load or won’t display the content nicely with less resolution, the users close the website immediately. That’s truly upsetting.

But, with responsive website design, the users can browse the website easily and left the website with a good experience. The delighted users are expected to buy the services and revisit the mobile website.

  • Get the share of mobile users

In case, you are promoting the business products or services via blogging or social media channels, then the website with responsive mobile designs is proved to be better. The 60% of the mobile users browse the social media channels with mobile.

That’s stupendous.But, beware! When you are doing such promotional activities via social channels, ensure that the website is mobile optimized, else you will end up losing the customers due to a poor experience. Get benefited with the share of mobile users by hiring responsive web design services.

  • Loved by the search engines

It’s universally known that search engine crawlers give top preference to the website that’s content and loading speed improve the user experience. The website with responsive design truly ends up the user’s frustration.

Besides, the bots find it easier to crawls the website across all the devices and the chances of on-page SEO errors are also minimal. It makes the website to top the ranking charts.

  • Make the website future proof

Innovation and advancements in the digital devices is an on-going process. The day after another, a new device is launched whose screen size and resolution are different. If you have jumped onto responsive website development bandwagon, you don’t need to worry about updating the website in future for the new devices.

Instead, the website will perform flawlessly on the upcoming devices, be it a smart TV, smart glass, or smart watch, without impacting the user experience.


As the mobile usage is gaining momentum, the businesses are increasingly leaning towards responsive website development to modernize the business and sync the marketing activities as per the current trends. With the pace of time, the responsive website design has not remained a fancy thing, while it has become a part and parcel of the websites.

Enjoy the great returns with responsive website design engineering!