How To Leverage Social To Upsurge Digital Marketing ROI?

Presently, social has become all-imperative and more it will become in future.

According to a study, “The number of social media users around the world is projected to grow from 2.1 billion last year to 2.5 billion by 2018.”

Social media marketing is one of an integral parts of the digital marketing that continues to evolve and used. The use of social media is not limited to the uploading of selfies, or videos, while it’s highly leveraged by the businesses to influence the purchase and foster customer interaction with the brand. Moreover, the way businesses using the social media has also changed. Now, it has become more than just publishing the content.

Digital Marketing ROI

The social marketing efforts are now tailored to the target audience and kept synced with the brand’s voice to align the business with success. Also, the insights are taken out of the user activity such as what users like, how users react to the content, when users interact and what users prefer, which in turn help businesses to carry out data-driven decisions.

Yet, the businesses struggle to find whether they are tapping the full potential of social data or not, or their efforts are up-to-the-mark or not. How could the businesses identify that social power is helping them in uplifting the ROI?

Here, 5 ways are rounded up that assist business to shoot up ROI using social in a strategic way.

  • Narrow the social aperture as per business objectives

Doing a lot of social activities on the myriad of the social media platforms without knowing the key performance indicators is all trash because when you don’t know what your goal is, how can you make the right efforts.

When it comes to SMO services, the businesses need to very specific as the content can make or break the brand. At first, set the goal and then share the relevant information to bring a difference in the marketing strategy, which automatically impacts the users and increases ROI.

  • Understand the users before getting social

Every user connected with the brand sails the same boat differently. The challenges they face will be different that businesses have to address in a distinctive manner. When the users are answered on social platforms with relevant content, the users feel like the brand is interested in knowing and solving their pain points.

Target the users after knowing the demographics and their preference from the social profiles to take hold of the customers, nurture the relationship with them and size up the revenue.

  • Turn the brand advocates into brand ambassadors

When the social users are closely monitored, there are some happy users who always spread a good word of mouth about the brand and during any conflict, they talk positively about the brand. Such brand advocates influence other users and prove to be a great asset for the business in the long-term.

It’s better to find out such users and reward them for showing such love towards a brand. It impresses the brand advocates and results in a higher ROI.

  • Scrutinize what the competitors are doing

No matter your business is under performing or over performing, but keeping tabs on what competitors are doing is healthy for new strategic planning. The comparison helps the businesses in understanding what type of content, the number of the posts or top posts is more engaging the users.

The positive or neutral engagement signals that there is a room for improvement or not and what are the steps to be taken to remove the weakness.

  • Value the social data

Less often, the businesses take the social data seriously to create a new social marketing plan considering the social response less credible and trustworthy. But, it’s a big mistake.

The social data is a great treasure that aids businesses in comprehending so many aspects such as the audience preference over certain occasions, product’s preference under a category, the likelihood of product as a reward and so on. When businesses act upon the things that users like, unquestionably the ROI get boosted.

Summing it up

In the last decade, a few businesses have set the mark in the industry by strategically making use of social. Watching the trend, many brands are leaning towards social.

According to CMO survey, “The share of marketing budgets spent on social media is expected to more than double over the next five years, from 11% today to 24% by 2020.”

In the ever-evolving social market, the businesses have to identify the changes going on, experiment with new initiatives and keep the strategy one step ahead of the competition to thrive with epic success.

Even, many businesses are hiring social media marketing company to fuel up the brand’s growth with enriched audience engagement and increased ROI. What’s your take? Are you ready? Do share your views in the comments below.

Want To Design iPhone Apps? 7 Things You Should Remember!

The mobile apps are increasing at the rate of neutral fission, and their presence in the market is like the websites had 10 years back. In the ever expanding and ever evolving market, to not get lost the mobile apps in the overcrowded market, the mobile apps are designed to perfection.

iOS apps development

Among all the leading platforms, the iOS platform is known for raising the bar of UI and UX design of the mobile applications that enthralls and engages the users. The iOS apps built on a unique concept are not just high in terms of usability, while also appeals the users with immaculate designs, ultimate graphics, and bespoke layout.

Before you start iOS app development, make sure that best-in-class app development and designing enable the app top the charts. Here is the list of all the elements that you should get covered in the iOS app.

  • High resolution

The iPhones comes in four types of resolutions that scale to maximum 414 x 736 points. To make the iOS apps work best on all the versions of iPhones, the layout should expand on the assigned resolution while keeping the other elements unchanged. Ensure all the image assets are of high resolution, otherwise they will appear blurred on the retina display.

High resolution
Image Source
  • Content formatting

Be careful! The mobile users most of the time access the content on-the-go, and they like to see the things in a single view, in place of zooming the content or scrolling horizontally. The same applies to iPhone Application Development as well. Create the layout wherein the content should get fit in the screen of the devices and appear smoothly at once.

Content formatting
Image Source
  • Touch controls

3D touch, auto layout, and adaptive layouts are some of the advanced techniques and tools that iOS has provided to give an aesthetic touch to the app design. The UI elements used in the app must be designed with touch gesture-thinking so that the user interaction with app appears more natural.

Touch controls
Image Source
  • Controls size

The buttons are actually the interactive actions that you want the users to take, and if they find hassle in hitting the target, creating the controls will be of no use. Make certain that the buttons you are creating must be at least 44 points x 44 points in size so that they can be easily pressed with fingers.

Controls size
Image Source
  • Text size

Akin to the button’s size, the text size should not be too small that they cannot be viewed clearly from a certain distance. Besides, different headings and sub-headings’ text size should be legible, so that they are readable without zooming.

Text size
Image Source
  • Perfect contrast

Adding a color contrast is good to improve the content appeal and readability, but the contrast should be optimum. The background, text and other elements’ colors should be chosen wisely so that content readability won’t get impacted.

Perfect contrast
Image Source
  • Content alignment

All the information that includes text, images, and buttons which you want to illustrate on the app must be organized in an easy-to-read layout. Also, the text should not overlap with reduced letter spacing and increased line height.

Content alignment
Image Source

The Final Thoughts

Now, how the app visually appears matters a ton rather than its basic functionalities as they can be less regarded sometimes… Surprising, but it’s true.

Before you begin the actual designing of the iOS apps, it’s good to create a sketch or the wire frame of the application that will help you in visualizing the app’s layout, information flow, and images. Finally, get teamed up with the iPhone app development company that’s backed by the best app designers who craft the app to the precision that meets your high-end expectations.

5 Reasons Illustrating Why Responsive Web Design Is Irresistible

“The exponential increase in the mobile usage is a major cause of the digital growth. The mobile users have already surpassed the desktop users and now the number is constantly rising,” according to Smart Insights.


The digital growth is not just pushing the businesses to have an online presence while insisting them to have websites that are mobile-friendly.

Well, the gala opportunity which is hidden behind the compulsion of making the website design responsive, that’s if worked nicely, then businesses can engage and acquire the user on-the-go.


Firstly, take a quick look at what the responsive website design is:

The mobile websites that are developed with responsive design are actually programmed in a fashion that easily adapt to all the digital devices’layout no matter what’s the size of the screen. It means, the website is coded once, but it works impeccably on all the devices.

In a nutshell, with one-time development, businesses are getting the website built that functions well on the myriad of devices.

Let’s discuss a few reasons that require the website to be responsive:

  • Upsurge in the mobile trend

According to a study, a significant rise is observed from Google searches to the emails opened through mobile devices in the last five years.This trend will continue at least for the next decade.So, with responsive website development you can win the mobile customers, else your competitors will.

  • Enriched user experience that cannot be overlooked

Nowadays, the people are up to their neck in and prefer to browse or search on-the-go. When the website takes so much time to load or won’t display the content nicely with less resolution, the users close the website immediately. That’s truly upsetting.

But, with responsive website design, the users can browse the website easily and left the website with a good experience. The delighted users are expected to buy the services and revisit the mobile website.

  • Get the share of mobile users

In case, you are promoting the business products or services via blogging or social media channels, then the website with responsive mobile designs is proved to be better. The 60% of the mobile users browse the social media channels with mobile.

That’s stupendous.But, beware! When you are doing such promotional activities via social channels, ensure that the website is mobile optimized, else you will end up losing the customers due to a poor experience. Get benefited with the share of mobile users by hiring responsive web design services.

  • Loved by the search engines

It’s universally known that search engine crawlers give top preference to the website that’s content and loading speed improve the user experience. The website with responsive design truly ends up the user’s frustration.

Besides, the bots find it easier to crawls the website across all the devices and the chances of on-page SEO errors are also minimal. It makes the website to top the ranking charts.

  • Make the website future proof

Innovation and advancements in the digital devices is an on-going process. The day after another, a new device is launched whose screen size and resolution are different. If you have jumped onto responsive website development bandwagon, you don’t need to worry about updating the website in future for the new devices.

Instead, the website will perform flawlessly on the upcoming devices, be it a smart TV, smart glass, or smart watch, without impacting the user experience.


As the mobile usage is gaining momentum, the businesses are increasingly leaning towards responsive website development to modernize the business and sync the marketing activities as per the current trends. With the pace of time, the responsive website design has not remained a fancy thing, while it has become a part and parcel of the websites.

Enjoy the great returns with responsive website design engineering!

7 Responsive Web Design Mistakes That You Should Not Make

According to eMarketer, “Nearly 2.6 billion people that are over 1/3 of worldwide consumers will use smartphones to browse websites by 2018.”

It hints you will be losing the one-third of mobile traffic if the website design is not mobile optimized. It’s a big figure that cannot be overlooked by the businesses. The mobile trend is making the businesses to build responsive website design that’s compatible with the myriad of devices to get the share of the mobile audience as well.

There exists one more fact that is if the mobile responsive designs are not crafted immaculately, the target users will turn away. It’s imperative to not make any miss while website development and UI designing. Yet, some mistakes are made. What are they?


Let’s dig down to know about the glaring responsive website design slip-ups that you should avoid:

Emphasis on devices rather than screen sizes

The mobile market is flooded with the range of devices like- smartphone, wearable, tablet, ipad and more that are available in different screen sizes- small size, mid-size or large size. It’s better to focus on designing the UI based on screen sizes rather than catering thousands of devices.

Not ready for new device launch

The responsive websites are designed to easily get accustomed to any device, but if the responsive web design services have developed the website considering just available devices’ screen sizes in the market, it will be a big mistake. Ensure the website design must be scalable and optimized for the upcoming launch as well.

Ignore the large screens

Don’t forget that still the website traffic from the desktop accounts to 48%, which is a significant percentage to consider. Optimize the design which works well on both mobile and desktop to allure the maximum traffic to the website.

Performance is overlooked

40% of the users abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load no matter the users are accessing it through mobile or desktop.

It’s a striking fact which end the myth that mobile users are comfortable even if the website takes too long to load the page. Make certain the website loads quickly either by reducing the images or slimming down the HTTP requests.

Same navigation across multitude of devices

All the devices are dissimilar in size and cannot have the uniform navigation site-wide. Still, if the button sizes, visual layout or menus are kept similar, it ruins the appeal of website design and user experience. Keep the app flow, color contrasts and features consistent, but not the elements to grab the maximum user’s attention.

Making the content out of sight

Considering the mobile screen of smaller size, sometimes, the content is hidden for mobile optimized websites. This is not feasible because the users will never be interested in switching to the larger screens to read the full content. It’s good to display the complete content on mobile optimized websites and you can use collapse/enlarge feature to showcase them aptly.

Testing on every device is considered as unimportant

This is vitally important to test the usability of the website on every device before its final launch. This testing helps in fixing the UX issues, otherwise, it will create a big mess.


The responsive design is not an investment for good designs, while it’s for designing great experiences. Also, making the website up and running isn’t an arduous task, but building it mobile responsive is crucial, which demands a lot of efforts because a single mistake can make the things go wrong and leads to poor UX. Certainly, this is not what you want. Right?

Incorporate the website design with best responsive web design service providers.

Benefits of Android Apps Development-The King of Mobile Development Technologies

The last decade has viewed a tremendous increase in the use of mobile phones. A number of operating systems and apps have been introduced in the market. Among all, Android apps development is the best choice if you have not considered cross platform app development for your business. Android is a unique operating system which offers a number of powerful features. Android is an open source operating system which supports a number of free applications. It offers great functionality and usability. Android apps development powers developers to create feature rich apps. Let us look at some of the benefits of Android apps development process.

7-advantages-of-android-mobile-apps-developmentAndroid App Development

Efficient and stable technical support:

You can avail of dedicated support from the Android apps developers who were directly involved in the app development process. Custom development of your app helps you create an app which meets your requirements. You can get exceptional support from the mobile app development company creating the app.

Enhances efficiency:

Android development results in improved effectiveness. Business apps help carry out a number of tasks with perfection. It results in employee productivity and also improves business ROI.

Protects Your Data:

Your business data is at risk when it comes to general apps. This is because they may not have specific security features to protect your data. As per your requirements for app development, necessary security measures can be taken with custom applications.

Offers customized solutions tailored for business:

Different businesses have different requirements. They need unique solutions as per the demands of their business. Unimportant or non-required feature assortment can lead to utilization of too many resources and this will slow down the entire process. This is why mobile apps Development Company offers to create a custom application using Android operating system. This results in a better solution.

Easy Maintenance:

Android applications customized for a business can give the owners complete control. You can easily run business operations using custom Android apps.

Time Saving and Cost cutting:

The cost of creating application can be quite deceptive. The price of creating a custom application might or might not be lower than buying an exceptional solution. However, it helps you stick to deadlines and your budget. The cost of creating Off-the-rack apps usually excludes the installation charges. An application which has been designed as per the unique requirements of a business delivers results in the long run. Also, it is more effective than the apps which are not customized at all. Another benefit of custom android apps development is that you will have to spend only for the specific app features that you need.

Saves Digital Files to Ensure Accountability:

One can record thoughts and ideas pertaining to your customers easily. This information can be accessed only by authorized members of the staff.

It offers a number of growth opportunities. Android apps developers work very hard to create an app from the scratch. It takes a lot of efforts to transform just an idea into a working app which has been approved and available for download on Play Store. It is very important to plan and materialize your app idea before you proceed for the android apps development process.

Top Things to Be Considered Before Choosing a Mobile Application Development Company

The world is becoming digital. Business communications rely on mobility. During the last five years smartphones have overtaken the market. Many of the entrepreneurs have adopted enterprise mobility. Businesses from different segments including healthcare, travel, finance, game, HR, etc. have increased the use of mobility for accomplishing majority of their tasks. If you are a business entrepreneur and are looking forward to use smartphone technology and trend to push your business growth then you must hire a mobile application development company.

Hiring a good company is essential to get a mobile application which drives business results. Decision to hire a specific mobile development company should not be a knee-jerk one. It must be taken after careful consideration.


In this article, we will discuss various factors which must be considered before hiring mobile app development services.

Past references:

One of the most important things you must look for in a mobile application development company is their work review by past clients. You can look at the past clients feedback. You can also directly ask for references so that you can know about the quality of work delivered in past mobile apps development projects. Taking a look at the portfolio of the prospective company can give you a good idea about the kind of work delivered.

Protecting the App Idea:

Companies often fear that once their application is launched, poor quality replicas will be launched in the market. Hence, it is important that the apps development company you are hiring is taking enough security measures to protect your idea. Your app security is of utmost importance.

Provides Exceptional services:

To get a good return on the amount invested in creating an application, you must go for a company which offers unique apps which have been created using the latest SDK. To get the desired results, the apps created by them must be innovative and pleasing to the eye.

App Design Standards

A custom app having standard design can fetch you success on the app store. Hence, it is important to get knowledge about experience and skills of mobile apps developers working on Enterprise Mobility project. Even the UI/UX designers working with the mobile application development company must be skilled to deliver top-notch web app designs.

Reliable QA and Testing Procedures:

The mobile app development company you select must implement the latest manual and automation, quality assurance and testing measures. This will help in avoiding technical glitches when the app arrives on the App store. Bugs and errors disinterest a user and are very frustrating. It is important to avoid them for a successful mobile app.

Selecting a right mobile apps development company can help you create an application which is successful on the app store. A right company can transform your app idea into a winning application which is admired by all users. Hence, though it might take time, you must spend time in researching about the company before handing them over mobile app development project.

Top 4 Trends for Mobile Apps Development in the Upcoming Year

The upcoming year is almost at our doorsteps and we would be welcoming it with our arms wrapped in blanket with our smartphones and with sweet potion of leftovers of Christmas. With generations increasingly reliant to the extent of being obsessed with app trend, it is going to be a buzz this year as well, be it iOS or android. Let’s have a look at what to expect this coming year.


Upsurge of location based apps:

The LBS (location based services) feature is already on booming demand and with their increasing popularity in digital world; we are going to see more projects with integrated features of LBS in both android and iPhone application development. Now it’s very much possible to use LBS in navigation, travel, retail offers, indoor mapping and location based portals not to forget the security features.

Practical applications of augmented reality and AI technology

We keep on hearing the buzz words like AR, now is the time to see its uses in construction, GPS navigation turn by turn, DIY car repairing cooking etc. AI embedded in apps to become common norm. AI to capture major share of mainstream trends in 2017 and the years of research in the field of machine learning and AI in apps of developers, of mobile application Development Company, might show some light this year in the way industry works.

Emergence of Android as common smartphone in security terms

Coming to mobile fashion, the up trending features of Android are going to become full-fledged medium of mobile communications. In 2017, we can expect more market penetration by Android OS in smartphone and in tablets and other gadgets. Though it is already having 85% share in smartphone market it is expected to gain more. Also, Android applications are going to change the way security works. Security is going to be a key feature of both iPhone application development and Android apps development. With demanding security threats challenging the way technology works, the need is even more as it has become a vital aspect of our rights, with more and more users are demanding secure mobile environment. This has to be considered by mobile application Development Company.

IoT integration will gain mobility

The current year 2016 had been good for IoT acceleration which is prevalent from the fact that more and more things are getting connected to internet via mobility. Other sectors like health, home automation, automobile, education, security are becoming increasingly obsessed with IoT and are inventing new ways to capture this technology, which will become reality or a part of it in 2017.